The Count of Monte Cristo character map

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The Count of Monte Cristo character map により Mind Map: The Count of Monte Cristo character map

1. danglars family

1.1. baron danglars

1.1.1. she is married to danglars

1.2. madame hermine danglars

1.2.1. She's has herself a rich husband. She is having a affair. she uses her husband for his money

1.3. eugenie danglars

1.3.1. danglars daughter

2. villefort family

2.1. gerard de villefort

2.1.1. deputy magistrate who orders dantes imprisoment, becomes rich

2.2. Renee de villefort, nee de saint meran

2.2.1. valentines maternal grandparents

2.3. the marquis and marquise de saint- meran

2.3.1. these were the real grandparents of valentine. They died of wen Mmd. de viilefort poisend them so she could get rid of them and get a lot of money

2.4. valentine de villefort

2.4.1. daighter of villifort and grandaughter of nortier

2.5. monsiieur nortier de villefort

2.5.1. villiforts dad

2.6. edouard de villefort

2.6.1. the villiforts son

3. dantes and his aliases

3.1. edmond dantes

3.1.1. he is on a ship then he comes in to port then he gets betrayed by his 3 friends

3.2. the count of monte cristo

3.2.1. very rich man of dantes aliases, who is very trustworthy, and helps people

3.3. sinbad the salior

3.3.1. when he talks to Julie morrell when he saves the morrel family

3.4. abbe busoni

3.4.1. he helps dantes survive in prison and helps him escape. He is his best friend

3.5. number 34

3.5.1. that is what they call him in prison

4. Morcef family

4.1. mercedes Mondego

4.1.1. she is married to fernand after dantes goes to jail

4.2. fernand mondego

4.2.1. He marries mercedes after dantes gos to jail

4.3. albert

4.3.1. he is mercedes and fernands son

5. Dantes allies

5.1. abbe Faria

5.1.1. he is dantes best friend in jail then helps him escape

5.2. Giovanni Bertuccio

5.2.1. Bertuccio is the Count's right-hand man. When the count wants something done, he goes to Bertuccio, because he knows Bertuccio will do waht he orders because there buds

5.3. Luigi Vampa

5.3.1. he is dantes best ally and friend

5.4. Ali

5.4.1. he is apart of the crew that fishes dantes out of the water when dantes is escaping prison

5.5. Jacopo Manfredi

5.5.1. he is dantes servant

5.6. Haydee

5.6.1. daughter of ali pasha watched her parents get killed

6. Morrel Family

6.1. pierre Morrel

6.1.1. Monsieur Morrel is a good father, an honest businessman, and young Edmond Dantès's greatest friend. He is also a ship owner and is very trustworthy.

6.2. Maximimilien Morrel

6.2.1. he is in love with valentine and wants to marry her. The only son of the morrel family

6.3. julie Herbault

6.3.1. The only daughter of M. Pierre Morrel, she is chosen by dantes to help save her father

6.4. Emmanuel Herbault

6.4.1. He is very trustworthy and is one of the last people to work for Pierre morrel. He does not abandon his boss. He marrys julie and they have a wonderful life

7. Other Characters

7.1. Gaspard Caderousse

7.1.1. Caderousse was never perfect he was a drunk, and a coward, and less then relentless when it came to money. He betrayed dantes because he wanted to be captin and then he wasent chosen. He wrote the leadder

7.2. Louis Dantes

7.2.1. she is the mother of dantes

7.3. Baron Franz d'epinay

7.3.1. after learning that Noirtier killed his father, all he can do is issue a strongly-worded letter of refusal.

7.4. Lucien Debray

7.4.1. he's responsible for helping Mme. Danglers become independently wealthy. he is one of Mmme. Danglars best friends

7.5. Beauchamp

7.5.1. Beauchamp is a good journalist and a good friend. he writes a artical about the be trail of fernand to haydees father and when he kills nhim

7.6. Raoul, Baron de Chateau Renaud

7.6.1. saved by Maximilian Morrel during a military campaign in Africa,

7.7. Monsieur De Boville

7.7.1. He is the Director of Prisons, from which Dantès buys financial reasons which are invested in Monsieur Morrel's shipping company.

7.8. Barrois

7.8.1. he was villiforts servant. who died of poisen of the lemonade that was put out for valentine to drink. But eneded up killing him

7.9. Monsieur d'avrigny

7.9.1. he is the villeforts family doctor. He thinks that valentine is thhe person killing all the people in the villefort house

7.10. Ali Tebelen (Ali Pasha)

7.10.1. he is the princeess haydee father