Project Charter: Constructs and Declarations - DM LMI Example

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Project Charter: Constructs and Declarations - DM LMI Example により Mind Map: Project  Charter: Constructs and Declarations - DM LMI Example

1. Project Team Who

1.1. Project Manager

1.1.1. L. Garnet, DM

1.2. Functional Organizations

1.2.1. RB IT Team

1.2.2. DM Project Management Team

1.2.3. DM Project Team

2. Sponsor(s) Who is having

2.1. Sponsor Name

2.1.1. B. Cho, COO, Daimon Media (DM)

2.2. Change Control Authority

2.2.1. W. Chen CIO, Rainbow Bridge (RB) B. Cho, COO, DM

3. Environment Where

3.1. Risks and Assumptions

3.1.1. Language, Corporate Culture Differences DM has no China Experience RKN has no global experience

3.1.2. Assume that gov. regulators in China will allow foreign enterprises to work with RKN in Chinese university system

3.1.3. Assume that DM IP will not be at risk

3.2. Budget

3.2.1. USD $10 m.

4. Customers For Whom

4.1. Intended Clients

4.1.1. RB

4.1.2. RB Client Universities

4.1.3. Professors at RB Client Universities

4.1.4. Students at RB Client Universities

4.2. Affected Audiences

4.2.1. Course Authors at DM, RB, RB Client Universities

4.2.2. China Ministry of Education

5. Value Why

5.1. RB Purposes

5.1.1. Learning services that RB can market to quality client institutions:

5.1.2. Student-centered learning experience as engaging as online games

5.1.3. Support for a wide range of quality course content and authors

5.2. DM Purposes

5.2.1. Enter private education market in China as provider of LMS to premiere clients

5.2.2. Build new company brand via high profile client, project, end-users

5.3. Business Success Measures (KPIs)

5.3.1. RB average annual revenues of 2009-2012 = USD $30 million

5.3.2. Average annual enrollment 2009-2012 of 100,000 students

5.3.3. 100 Ph.D. or MS/MBA authors in 10 disciplines by 2010

6. Lifecycle Do What

6.1. Scope

6.1.1. LMS Statement Diagram Design of LMS Installation of LM with Interfaces to Enterprise Systems (e.g. ERP, SNS) Course Authoring System Virtual Classroom Student User LMS Training for RB IT Function Univ. Professors and Course Authors Students

6.2. Milestone Schedule

6.2.1. Analysis and Design 2/29/08

6.2.2. Development 5/31/08

6.2.3. Acceptance 6/30/08

6.2.4. Turnover Complete 7/31/08

6.2.5. Maintenance 8/1/08 - 10/30/12