DMA Strategy Rating

Data Maturity Assessment (DMA) Rating

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DMA Strategy Rating により Mind Map: DMA Strategy Rating

1. Commitment to Perform

1.1. Abilities to Perform

1.1.1. Activities Performed Measurement & Analysis Validating Implementation Sufficient measurements R>=75% Sufficient Activities R>=60% Data Management processes/activities sufficiently aligned organization-wide or across boundaries (R=35%) Change Management sufficiently aligned organization-wide (R=20%) Customer / Stakeholders User (e.g. Domain) Satisfaction (R=25%) Sufficiently verified processes & activities against planned objectives (R=20%)

1.1.2. Sufficient Abilities, R>=70% Competent Personnel Available & with some but not sufficient process activities (R=25%) COI, IPT, Working Group or Forum membership and infrastructure in placed Processes with or without federated operations realized & with some implementations Some Management Activities but insuficiently aligned organization-wide (R=20%) Management Activities & Processses based on Standards or best practices Data Integration Points or Interface (mostly) indentified, but insufficiently implemented Change/Modification Management not fully aligned organization-wide (R=15%) Data & Metadata Processes realized Identified Process owners also become ADS Data Quality draft plan Cross-boundary Data Validation draft plan All Critical (data quality) feedbacks have no adequate solution(s) (R=40%) Effectiveness of Data asset feedbacks Active member of governing bodies or conflict resolution forum

1.2. Sufficient Commitment, R >= 60%

1.2.1. Org. Charter established & understood (R=10%) Guidance Policy or Directive document(s) MOA or LOI or related Organizational purpose defined

1.2.2. Establish Funding (R=50%) Funding Pending

1.2.3. Plan of Action & Schedule (R=40%) Task Goals & Objectives Established Adequate documentation to enable consistent process operations. Policies & Objectives clearly identified based on requirements, needs, & epectations Process owners with responsibility & autjority ensuring effective interactivity Determine input & output of the processes