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www.pricecoach.com/login for: 1. Tourops 2. Agents 3. Suppliers により Mind Map: www.pricecoach.com/login for: 1. Tourops 2. Agents 3. Suppliers

1. PriceCoach Team (PRC)

1.1. Rules

1.1.1. IT Supervisor

1.1.2. OPS Supervisor

1.1.3. Team Member

1.2. Process

1.2.1. Statistics Agent look2book (sort: desc)

1.2.2. Invoicing

1.2.3. CRM insightly

1.2.4. Issue tracking (Jira)

1.2.5. DataMngmt AdminGuiTexts Search ExternalTranslation Services Status overview (OPS INPUT) AdminSuppliers AdminPricingComps Setup new supplier

1.2.6. Mail

1.2.7. Other Tools

2. Supplier (SPL)

2.1. Rules

2.1.1. SPL Admin

2.1.2. SPL Team Member

2.2. Process

2.2.1. Availability / direct booking Interfaces Technical contact Level 1: offline file setup gui Either adjust your availability or not available periods. Profit from a approach which consider your needs like as example: "always available" for "--non oneway, +30 traveldays, +30 days before pickup" etc. . Even setup availabilities on client (Tour Operator) level. Availability will shown on FrontEnds. Bookings will be confirmed real time. At the same time you get informed about details via email. Just sent your confirmation/invoice to your client (Tour Operator) Level 2: Level 2.1: connect easy Level 2.2 connect comfort Upload your specification Username and Password Access to PriceCoach specification

2.2.2. Availability optimzer Ticker Setup default values

2.2.3. Your standard conditions valid for new clients (Tour Operator) Brainstorming Test period with standard conditions accepted (yes/no)

2.2.4. Setup / Update your product Vehicle Pics Components Validity Stations base price flex standard Components Insurance Equipment OneWays Miles Infos with logic connection Specials Cancellation terms From cancellation affected components

3. Tour Operator (TO) and Agents (AGT)

3.1. Rules

3.1.1. TO Admin Environment (next theme=ProcessAdmin) Work on productive files Test your products Mail ref has to start with "TEST",

3.1.2. AGT

3.1.3. TO TO Admin TO Team Member

3.1.4. AGT Agent Admin Agent Team Member

3.1.5. Sales and opportunities Google Ads Google AdSens Banner PopUps Ideas CrossSelling (Flight to NYC, offer a specific

3.2. Process

3.2.1. AgentAdmin New Delete Change Synchronisation Cancelation Rules CTR levels

3.2.2. Texts B2B FrontEnd Templates CTR Teaser B2C FrontEnd

3.2.3. Design Upload icon Upload logo Define your b2b design

3.2.4. Statistics Facts Look2book per supplier Look2book per agent Comparing booked/not booked Figures All status Booked (not yet confirmed) Confirmed all Confirmed, voucher not sent already Confirmed and afterward cancelled Invoiced periods Declined bookings Daily Reporting

3.2.5. ProcessAdmin Whitelable: (default = activated) PriceCoach recommendation: activated (look2book until 30% higher) TravelAgents can individually override your default setting Impact zones Direct booking flag: (default = no) PriceCoach recommendation: activated (look2book until 20% higher. Amount of booked unit until 15% higher B2C user registration point PriceCoach recommendation: point 1 Look2book until 25% higher. TravelAgents can individually override your default setting Registration points Exchange Daily updated (default) Fixed

3.2.6. ProductAdmin AddOnMargin TO Margin AgentCommission PrePackaging Labels Revers Specials Daily Flexibility Default Milages/day Default Deductible Own Components Custom Component Default Language Displayed languages Currency Base currency Invoice currency PreQuoting no (default) yes Offering Schemes

3.2.7. Technical Interfaces API Connectible Systems B2B B2B2C WebServices XML feeds

3.2.8. Sales tools GoogleAds Campaign Code Google Analytics Analytic Code Google AdSense

3.2.9. Your standard conditions valid for new agents test period (yes/no) conditions...

3.2.10. Your standard conditions valid for new suppliers test period (yes/no)

3.2.11. Add a new Tour Operator You´re already client of this Tour Operator (yes/no) If yes: "Add your Tour Operator ID" If no: "Accept Tour Operator Conditions" (yes/no)

4. Legende

4.1. TO only

4.2. AGT only

4.3. SPL levels

4.3.1. All all suppliers

4.3.2. SPL cat.

4.3.3. Vehicle cat.

4.3.4. Region

4.3.5. Country

4.3.6. Individual

4.4. has to be developed

4.5. Info text

4.6. Text relation to customizable text

4.7. internal comment

4.8. Information levels

4.8.1. 1. nice to have

4.8.2. important information

4.8.3. mandatory

4.9. Specification process in progress

4.10. TO Levels

4.10.1. same for all TO´s

4.10.2. individual

4.11. (OPS INPUT) waiting for inputs from OPS team

5. Gererals

5.1. Statistics

5.1.1. Allways provided with date filter

5.1.2. Allways provided with Excel export option