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Open Civilisation Platform により Mind Map: Open Civilisation Platform

1. Nice to Have

1.1. CAD

1.1.1. ideas incentivising open hardware - if people offer their designs under open source licences, we can let them use a fully functional version of the cad platorm Develop a standardised, open parametric file format- lends itself to objects being stored on git. version comparison on github for assemblies would be possible. could open scad be a file format, even if everything else is independent code large potential for crowd funding. can offer more than sketchup and solidworks.

1.1.2. people prema paetsch software developer, made his own rendering engine Larry Gritz would need to be paid, but would be an incredible resource

1.1.3. Need at least 1 person who has developed cad software before

1.1.4. existing resources open scad could be the basis of a parametric file format open source cad building blocks freeCAD

2. Notes

3. Project Information

3.1. Open Hardware Database

3.1.1. Instruction platform Unlimited you education ideas in progress needs what if we continue with the dozuki platform is ifixit's api exactly the same as dozuki? or did they add it? what is dozuki's view of taking their web services and writing their own apps to add in and embed their own information? can we just use dozuki as our back end? can we read and write those databases with our own app? can we embed a stack exchange platform can you have videos per step? not just the intro are we good to download documents/work offline? we need to create our own trovebox like submission of images. can we have a front end that is open, but if people want to make money they pay for their dozuki account and pay us for a support based model. otherwise all open source users are free. what are we bringing? monetisation service based model we provide as much high functionality as possible to open source users but users that want to charge for their content, thats where the platform takes its cut. need to solidify the concept and crowdfund it. what about adoption? find example cases for use/visibility attraction points needs to be mobile friendly problems no open documentation platform without limits. we need an education platform that is open so it can be altered to our needs, much like dozuki. We need an open source stack exchange like forum where modules can be embedded in our documentation, while all being contained in a nother central location cloud based image storage for collaboration requires web access, this is really dumb Technology trovebox

3.1.2. Collaboration platform problems wiki platform doens't work, its clunky no indexing on wiki, this should be automatic. no orphan pages no good free mindmapping software exists mindmeister without limits. need rapid logging ability from mobiles, rapid embedding of images and videos ideas needs key step to acceleration of development and parallelisation of human resources user logs rapid posting ability for text, images, video. mindmapping rapid embedding of google docs, not the current 4 or 5 step process. Technology

3.1.3. Crowd based support OSQA question2answer Shapado Stackexchange

3.1.4. Git Versioning System

3.1.5. Bill or materials

3.2. Messaging

3.2.1. Instant messaging

3.2.2. Forums - Group Chat

3.2.3. Send images/audio etc

3.2.4. Q & A

3.3. Blog and News

3.3.1. Included

3.3.2. Included

3.3.3. Excluded

3.4. Crowd Sourcing

3.5. Crowd Funding

4. Timeline

4.1. Schedule

4.2. Budget

4.3. Resources

4.4. Delays

5. Limitations

5.1. Budget

5.1.1. Materials

5.1.2. Personel

5.1.3. Services

5.1.4. Duration

5.2. Delivery Timeline

5.3. Requirements

6. Actions

6.1. Define Project Schedule

6.1.1. Dependencies

6.1.2. Milestones

6.2. Limitations

6.2.1. Schedule

6.2.2. Budget

6.3. Define Project Development Measurement

6.3.1. KPI's

7. Resources

7.1. Content Management

7.1.1. Druple

7.1.2. Joomla

7.2. Version Control

7.2.1. Github

7.3. Communication

7.3.1. For Builds ? Git ? Ability to look at modules

7.3.2. Per Person Slack

7.3.3. Problem Solving Stack Exchange

7.3.4. Forum?

7.4. BOM (Bill Of Materials)

7.4.1. Octopart