Marketing: sales and market share

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Marketing: sales and market share により Mind Map: Marketing: sales and market share

1. SEO and Paid Search

1.1. Content optimisation

1.1.1. Gently rewrite existing content FAQ Popular blog posts Page descriptions

1.1.2. New content Blog posts Landing Pages for ad campaigns FAQ Wikimarketing Budget: 10k

1.2. Закуп статей на Вебартексе и других биржах

1.2.1. продвижение этих статей в b2c-сетях типа vk

1.3. Code optimisation

1.3.1. Keywords Analysis Semantic Core Technical Specifications Development

1.3.2. Optimisation Speed of loading Page metatags and descriptions

1.4. KPI

1.4.1. Increasing Pagerank and Search Traffic

1.5. Budget

1.5.1. Basic: 15

1.5.2. Monthly: up to 70k/month for 2 months. 5–15k/month from 3rd month.

1.5.3. Context Ads: 30–70k (?)

1.6. Employees

1.6.1. Simon

1.6.2. Webmaster / Site Administrator (Poldy?)

1.6.3. Analyst / SEO-expert (1 project)

1.6.4. Context Ads Manager (Simon?)

1.6.5. Freelance writer(s) for simple texts

2. Sales Promotion

2.1. Upsell Promotion

2.1.1. Usefull Monthly Mailing with a little sale offer (by Katya Koksharova). Рассылать от имени аккаунт-менеджеров. Польша делает хорошие, Юля пришлет

2.1.2. User Groups: TR1 and VIP clients. Entertainment Event. 1-2 times per year

2.2. Lead Generation

2.2.1. Landing Pages (Poldy) White Papers Market analysis Developing Content Distribution Special Offers Traffic generation

2.2.2. Homepage

2.2.3. Social Media followers analysis

2.2.4. Mailings by 3rd party providers ( — есть контакт пиарщика и партнерщика у Юли, будут нам помогать с ECOM Expo 2015) Epepper тоже есть контакт

2.3. Feedback Management (Katya Koksharova, if existing clients)

2.3.1. Collect questions and reviews Improving FAQ Developing Case Studies Improving Website

2.4. Presentations Development

2.4.1. Events

2.4.2. Product

2.5. Employees

2.5.1. Katya Koksharova

2.5.2. Account Managers

2.5.3. Marketing Manager

2.5.4. Designer

2.5.5. Analyst

3. Website

3.1. Increasing Traffic

3.2. Content

3.2.1. New Landing Pages

3.2.2. Blog

3.2.3. FAQ

3.2.4. Adapt Russian text

3.3. Optimisation

3.3.1. Conversion tests

3.3.2. Structure improvements

3.3.3. Bug fixing

4. Events Management

4.1. Ecommerce

4.1.1. Travel&Leisure

4.1.2. Online Finance Finance IT, Tel-Co

4.1.3. Retail: gadgets, детские товары, книжки Fashion Home&Garden Children Goods

4.1.4. Marketing (VeAds)

4.2. Own

4.2.1. Business Breakfasts

4.2.2. Webinars

4.2.3. Seminars

4.2.4. Master Classes

4.3. Planning: Simon, Julia / Natalia

4.4. Participation management: Simon

4.4.1. РИФ+КИБ 22 апреля

4.4.2. ECOM Expo 21 мая

4.4.3. Moscow team presentation

4.4.4. Plan for Q2:

5. PR, SMM, Reputation management

5.1. Media Coverage

5.1.1. Newsbreaks development Negative: Runet fraud numbers and names Fruadulent traffic providers rating The problem of stupid retargeting and how to solve it Neutral and positive Use Case studies, Tips Interviews Habrahabr Press releases:,, etc. Post-view conversions measurement

5.1.2. Cost tracking KPI the number of publications traffic on site Budget

5.1.3. Partnerships Siliconrus Ecommerce media

5.2. Social Media

5.2.1. Scheduled Posts English blog translations Ecommerce Media translations Original blog posts Rus team: 1 пост по индустрии раз в неделю (Надя фешн, Коля ретаргетинг) Some landing pages user group landing etc. Partner posts and reposts Slideshare

5.2.2. Spontaneous Posts Reposts Escalation of conflicts Useful information Important news Neutral posts: comments, replies, tweets, jokes. community trolling

5.2.3. Cost Tracking KPIs Start Development Scaling Budget

5.2.4. Product campaigns VeChat Funny screenshots (viral potential) VeAds: CPA, eco VeAnalytics — не продвигаем Analytics Comparison infographic VeContact VeAssist — пока не продвигаем VePlatform Проблема атрибуции: у нас тут всё в одном, поэтому всё видно-прозрачно Антикризисная CPA-модель

5.2.5. Company Global news, Moscow team news

5.3. SERP

5.4. Branding campaigns

5.4.1. Sponsor Vegetarians or Ecological movements and actions

5.5. Display & Retargeting performance campaigns (via VeAds)

5.5.1. поставить VeContact Proactive, написать на нем прикол

5.5.2. поставить на форму заявки. выпрыгивает при попытке прервать заполнение заявки

5.6. Partnership

5.6.1. Media

5.6.2. Business Parthers

6. outsource&assist

6.1. media coverage

6.1.1. managers

6.2. SEO

6.2.1. Context Ads

6.3. translations

6.4. Design