U.S civil right

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U.S civil right により Mind Map: U.S civil right

1. it ended that segregation in the city of buses was unconstitutional

2. Jim Crow

2.1. impose racial segrations

2.2. rationalization white were superior to blacks in all important ways

2.3. legitimization of anti black racism

2.4. violence were lynchings

2.5. 1935,Oklahoma prohibit boating together

2.6. establish different rules for black and white people

2.7. 1905 Georgia establish separate black parks and for white and white

3. emancipation proclamation

3.1. the Thirteenth Amendmetnt emancipated all U.S slaves whever they were

3.2. the reconstruction implemented lasted form 1866 to 1877

4. They were three amendments

4.1. 13th amendment abolished slavery

4.2. 14th amendment granted citizenship to everyone born in the United States

4.3. 15th amendment prohibited racial discrimination in voting

5. brown v board of education

5.1. unconstitutional separate school for blacks and white

5.2. "separate but equal'

5.3. victory occurred in 1954

5.4. brown decision was one of the most important in the 20th century

6. A black power

6.1. a movement emerged

6.2. many forms

6.3. 1960 SNCC and CORE adopted "black power"

7. the civil rights act of 1964

7.1. movement deeply affected American society

7.2. ensured constitutional rights for African American

8. Lyndon johnson

8.1. voting rights acts 1965

8.2. signs the historic Act of 1964

8.3. major civil rights bill

8.4. he became president following the assassination of John F. Kennedy

9. Plessy v Ferguson 1896 case

9.1. Homer Plessy was jailed for sitting in the white car of the east Louisiana Railroad

9.2. violated the thirteenth and Fourteenth Amendments constitutions

9.3. Ferguson was a lawyer of Massachusetts who separate car act unconstitutional

9.4. Plessy was guilty for refusing to leave the white car

9.5. Homer Plessy was a African American

10. the red scare

10.1. economic depression

10.2. 1919 linked anti-immigrant with anti-working class sentiment

11. the GI Bill of Right

11.1. the most massive affirmative action program in American history

11.2. educational benefits transformed American higher education for generations

11.3. it was a programs for white males only

11.4. benefits those in middle class

12. FHA was a new deal program

12.1. industry by insuring private loans to buy or build houses

12.2. representatives of the real estate and banking industries

12.3. believe in racial segregation

13. joseph Pulitzer VS William Randolph Hearth's

13.1. the first newspaper to introduce colored comics

13.2. the yellow kid

13.3. Yellow journalism

14. census of 1850

14.1. the first to include a class called mulattoes

15. smoked Irish

15.1. Irish were referred as niggers turned to negroes

16. anti-Semitism

16.1. Jews were members of inferior race

16.2. disappeared after World War II

17. Reconstruction Amendment

17.1. the equal protection of the law to U.S citizens

17.2. the Reconstruction ended in 1877

18. Bus Boycott

18.1. the first major protests began in 1955 in Montgomery Alabama

18.2. Rosa Park was a black woman refuse to give her bus seat

18.3. she was a member of the NAACP she was a civil rights activist

18.4. the bus boycott lasted 382 days

19. dewey

19.1. conqueror of the Philippines

19.2. became a instant national hero

20. Maine Incident

20.1. The U.S.S.S Maine enters Havana Harbor

20.2. blow up

21. Hiram Rhodes Revels

21.1. First Africa American to serve in the U.S House Representative

21.2. Also Senate

22. the freedom Ride

22.1. it the most dangerous and dramatic civil rights movement

22.2. organized in 1961 by congress of Racial Equality

23. Martin Luther King

23.1. "I have a dream" speech

23.2. civil rights movement for the first time

23.3. organize a march from Selma to Montgomery

23.4. 1968 the assassination of Martin Luther King

24. Thurgood Marshall

24.1. sucesussfully fought during 1940 and 1950

24.2. 1592 present the landmark case of Brown V. Board

25. Anticommunism and Anti-immigration sentiment

25.1. deportation of immigrants working class activists

26. by the 1920

26.1. the real American were white and that real whites came form northwest European

27. Jews

27.1. Euro-immigrant where that first who had higher educations

28. Suburbanization

28.1. all suburban housing in the 1950 and 1960 was financed by FHA/VA loans

28.2. redlining made sure they could not buy or repair their homes in the neighborhoods in which they were allowed to live

29. Philadelphia 's walnut street jail

29.1. the board proposed dividing prisoner into four classes