Western Hemisphere Events

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Western Hemisphere Events により Mind Map: Western Hemisphere Events

1. Venezuela Petroleum Reforms

1.1. (UK at war with with FRA/GER/RUS)

1.1.1. Venezuela Petroleum Reforms (Venezuela) A - Moderate Approach. Raise taxes to 35 Percent - 40% Venezuelan Reforms and The Netherlands (Holland) Venezuelan Reforms and Britain (Britain) Venezuelan Reforms and America (USA) B - Bold Approach. Raise taxes to 70 percent - 40% Venezuelan Reforms and The Netherlands (Holland) Venezuelan Reforms and Great Britain (Britain) Venezuelan Reforms and the United States (USA) C - Radical Approach. Nationalize the oil industry - 20% The Monroe Doctrine and Venezuela (USA)

2. South American Naval Race

2.1. (Brazil instigates Suriname Crisis)

2.1.1. Chilean Naval Rearmament (Chile) A - Start the contracting process - 90% Argentinean Naval Rearmament (Argentina) A New Chilean Navy (Chile) B - Our budget would be best spent elsewhere - 10%

3. Second War of the Pacific

3.1. (Is 1938.2.2)

3.1.1. Atacama Resource Find (Chile) A - Excellent Chile's Northern Border (Chile) An Alliance to Restore the Atacama (Bolivia)

4. Anglo-American War

4.1. (Venezuela puppeted by US, ENG not at war)

4.1.1. Britain and the Western Hemisphere (Great Britain) A - Reinforce the West Indies Station (Great Britain fails to reinforce the West Indies) (Great Britain reinforces the West Indies)

5. Anglo-American War Conclusion

5.1. (US Wins)

5.1.1. (Minor Victory, US holds all Western Hemisphere and Pacific islands) America Victorious (USA) A - Seize their overseas territories - 40% B - War reparations should be enough - 20% C - We shall continue the fight - 40%

5.2. (Sterling Area Wins)

5.2.1. (Major Victory, Sterling Area holds Canada and all possessions as well as Anchorage, Honolulu, Luzon Island, Pacific Islands, Caribbean Islands and Panama Canal) Britain Triumphant (ENG) A - Return to the status quo - 50% B - Seize some of their foreign possessions - 40% C - Hawaii to us, Alaska to Canada, Philippines to Japan - 10%