Quality improvement activity

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Quality improvement activity により Mind Map: Quality improvement activity

1. (i) Clinical audit – evidence of effective participation in clinical audit or an equivalent quality

2. (ii) Review of clinical outcomes – where robust, attributable and validated data are available.

3. (iii) Case review or discussion –a documented account of interesting or challenging cases that a doctor has discussed with a peer, another specialist or within a multi-disciplinary team


3.1.1. Describe scenario and discussion with peers

3.1.2. Explain how it was relevant to your work

3.1.3. Demonstrate that you have evaluated and reflected on the results of the review or discussion.

3.1.4. Describe interesting perspectives and how they differed or concurred with your own.

3.1.5. Explain your role in relation to the case. How were you involved, if at all. Describe any contribution made to the patient's care. If none of the latter, were you a party to the discussion but not directly involved.

3.1.6. Explain the discussion or review means to you as a doctor - it's impact etc.


3.2.1. Knowledge and Practice Give details of what knowledge and/or practice were confirmed Action plan

3.2.2. New knowledge gained Give details Set out action plan

3.2.3. Skills enhancement Give details Set out action plan

3.2.4. Evaluation

4. (iv) Audit and monitor the effectiveness of a teaching programme

5. (v) Evaluate the impact and effectiveness of a piece of health policy or management practice