way toTackling Pneumonia

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way toTackling Pneumonia により Mind Map: way toTackling Pneumonia

1. common treatment

1.1. fluid hydration

1.2. avoidance of smoking tobacco

1.3. rest and drink plenty of fluids

1.4. anti-fever medication (acetaminophen, ibuprofen)

1.4.1. don't heal pneumonia but remove pain

1.4.2. pros remove pain people feel better

1.4.3. cons When you take a lot of pills include antibiotics or antiviral drugs, it might be drug abuse don't help anythings to cure pneumonia

1.5. hospitalization

1.5.1. if it's necessary ; normally when you get viral pneumonia

2. special treatment for each type of the pneumonia

2.1. Bacterial Pneumonia

2.1.1. Antibiotic take it as the doctor prescribed pros easiest way to cure bacterial pneumonia 1 to 3 days of treatment cons side effects

2.2. Viral pneumonia

2.2.1. Antiviral medicine pros way to cure viral pneumonia cons acquire 1 to 3 weeks it does not heal actual pneumonia medication used specifically for treating viral infections doesn't destroy the target pethogen prevent replication of the virus

3. Prevention

3.1. pneumonia vaccination

3.1.1. pros prevent bacterial pneumonia reduce chance to get viral pneumonia your insurance company pay for it get only once in your life

3.1.2. cons in developing countries people have to pay for it people have no money to get vaccination people don't feel seriousness

3.2. Staying away from people who have pneumonia

3.2.1. to avoid transport of disease

3.2.2. pros because it's airborne, you will prevent to get it

3.2.3. cons Person who got pneumonia can not stay with people ; social problem

3.2.4. airborne

3.3. seasonal flu shot

3.3.1. pros prevent also other diseases flu protect people's bronchial tubes

3.3.2. cons have to once per year not practical developing countries people don't have enough money to pay it allergic reactions

3.3.3. People get this vaccine because in many case they get pneumonia after flu