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prayer-祈禱 により Mind Map: prayer-祈禱

1. when 何時?

1.1. anytime 任何時間

1.2. find some time everyday 找出每日的時間來

1.2.1. when wake up 起床時

1.2.2. before you sleep 睡前

1.2.3. before you eat 用餐前

1.2.4. before start your job 工作前

1.3. special periods of prayer 特定期間的祈禱

1.3.1. some difficulty 在某些困境時

1.3.2. some decision 在做決策時

1.3.3. some temptation 被試探時

1.3.4. hapiness 喜悅時

1.3.5. express gratitude 表達感謝時

1.3.6. feast 禁食

2. where 何處?

2.1. in any place even your WC 任何場所甚至在廁所

2.2. no need to do special movements so others will see you 不需要做特別的動作讓其他人看見

3. why? god needs me to tell Him what to do? 為什麼上帝需要我告訴他該如何做?

3.1. because you represent the OTHERS, your brothers, you pray FOR them to god.因為你所代表其他的人,你的弟兄,你為他們向上帝祈禱

3.2. because you are alert. you do care about the matters of this world (Mat. 26:41) 因為你總要儆醒,你在乎屬事的世界(馬太福音26:41)

3.3. you are also RESPONSIBLE for everything in this world. 你同樣需要負起責任對一切屬這世界的。

3.4. it is an inner need to talk to your friend and lover who is God 這是一個內在深度的交談對你的朋友和愛人而這位是神。

3.5. you talk to your brothers, by talking to god. god is the amplifier of your voice 你與你弟兄交談,經由上帝對話,上帝是你的聲音放大傳輸器

3.6. the OTHERS are not individuals but members of the BODY OF CHRIST , so i talk to Christ for all the body 他者不是個體而是基督身體的成員,所以我與基督說話就是對全身體說話

3.6.1. if i need to talk to others , i feel the need to talk to god who is the ultimate OTHER 如果我需要與他者說話,我覺得有必要對上帝說話因祂是祂者的最終的終極

3.7. prayer is the BREATHING OF OUR HEART 祈禱是我們心的呼吸

3.7.1. the spiritual person is always CONNECTED TO GOD, like the mobile tel. every 5 minutes exchange a signal with the company antennas 屬靈的人總是與神連結,如同手機,每5分鐘與電信公司高頻天線交流

4. how 如何?

4.1. doxology 讚美詩

4.2. gratitude 感恩

4.3. confession 告解

4.4. asking something 尋求

5. alone 單獨?

5.1. you are NEVER ALONE 你從未孤單

5.1.1. you are member of the others, of church 你是成員之一屬教會的

5.2. yes 是的

5.3. with others also 與他者

5.3.1. the family together 與家人在一起

5.3.2. in church 在教會

6. types of prayer 禱告的形式

6.1. talk to god from your heart , like to the best friend 真心向上帝訴說如同對最貼心的朋友

6.2. you may use some prayer book, prayers that millions of people used 使用禱告書,上百萬人曾使用過的

6.3. prayers from the bible, like our father , etc... 以聖經的經文,如我們在天上的父.....等等

6.4. prayer by the body 身體的禱告

6.4.1. the sign of the cross 十字架的記號

6.4.2. prostrations 以身體跪拜

6.5. praying by objects 透過輔助品來禱告

6.5.1. insence 香

6.5.2. candles 蠟燭

6.5.3. prayer rope 禱告繩索

6.5.4. flowers 花朵

6.5.5. music 音樂

6.6. study bible-theology 研讀聖經--神學

7. for whom-what 對誰---為何

8. silent prayer 靜默的祈禱

8.1. just feel that you are in front of god who loves you 試著感受你在愛你神的面前

8.2. feel his presence, and do not say anything 感受祂的臨在,而且不要說任何話

9. helping to pray 有助於祈禱

9.1. icons 聖像畫

9.2. prayer ropes 禱告繩索

9.3. peaceful place 安靜的場所

9.4. music 音樂

9.5. candles 蠟燭

9.6. insence 香

10. perfect prayer = presence of god, union with god 完美的禱告=神的臨在,與神合一

11. non stopping prayer (prayer of the heart) press here 不止息的禱告(心禱)請按此處

12. go to spiritual life 朝向屬靈的生活