Modeling Skills for Global Projects

Based on Hitachi course of Q1 2014

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Modeling Skills for Global Projects により Mind Map: Modeling Skills for Global Projects

1. Need to Use PMBoK 5 terms

2. theme: using systems modeling to launch global projects per PMBoK

3. Key Questions Challenges

3.1. Preparing a charter quickly

3.2. defining project quickly and yet firmly

3.3. how do you find EEF's and OPA's quickly

3.3.1. no process in PMBoK

3.4. being sure project delivers business value

3.5. be sure planning is on a sound basis

4. Agenda

4.1. Elevator speech

4.2. Model PM per PM Bok

4.2.1. differences between plans and models

4.2.2. models in the pm bok (things that inform project plans) project charter scope baseline verbal model structural model mathematical model stakeholder register risk register

4.3. Questions

4.3.1. key take aways HAS as start of charter mindmapping smartsheet using SWOT to model EEF's and templates to jumpstart and support modeling quickly organizations stakeholders EEF's and OPA related to your project

4.4. Model organizations

4.5. Modeling stakeholders

4.6. Modeling

5. target processes

5.1. identify stakeholders

5.1.1. Stakeholder Register

5.1.2. Plan stakeholder engagement

5.1.3. Communication Plan

5.2. develop Project charter

5.3. Model Project Risk

5.3.1. Risk Register

5.4. Model Project Requiremens

5.5. Model Project Scope

5.6. Model Project Schedule

5.6.1. Model Project Task List Model Project Tasks

5.7. Model Project Resources

5.7.1. RBS Modeled from Task List Bottom Up

5.8. Project Baselines

5.8.1. Models Approved and Connected to Plans as Basis, Measuring Stick, and Target

6. Parking Lot

6.1. PM as architecture for conversation

6.2. PM as modeling

7. assets

7.1. dm project

8. approach

8.1. use

8.1.1. pmbok

8.1.2. DM/RB

8.1.3. Their project

8.2. teach modesls based on

8.2.1. pattern systems

8.2.2. cybernetic systems

8.2.3. self-defining systems

8.3. use intor to current cours almost as is except for