The Perks of being a Wallflower

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The Perks of being a Wallflower により Mind Map: The Perks of being a Wallflower

1. Key events / moments that develop the narrative.

1.1. The scene where Charlie goes and sits next to Patrick at the football.

1.1.1. This develops the narrative because this is the first time Charlie has made a real friend by himself, he was brave enough and took a leap of faith really and this helps to show the audience what type of personality he has. If Charlie hadn't gone and sat with Patrick he would never have met and become friends with both Patrick AND Sam.

1.2. When Charlie goes to his first party with Patrick and Sam.

1.2.1. He goes to the party and meets new friends and gets high and drunk and that shows a lot of Charlie's personality. When Charlie first went to the party he didn't know what to expect, he only went because Sam and Patrick invited him. Charlie going to this party shows a sense of him wanting to belong and fit in.

1.3. When Charlie kisses Sam instead of his girlfriend Mary Elizabeth.

1.3.1. When Charlie does this it causes conflict between the group, all Charlies friends are no longer his friends, although it was a flattering gesture he broke not only Mary Elizabeths' heart but he also caused Sam to feel violated and used. She felt as though she had betrayed her friends trust. After Charlie did this he was back to his old self, being a loner again.

1.4. Charlie punched Brad in the face

1.4.1. Charlie was brave to punch Brad in the face and to push the other boys away from Patrick to save him even though his friends were still mad at him. By saving his friends Charlie earnt the trust and respect back from all of them.

1.5. Charlie's flashbacks

1.5.1. His flashbacks are key moments in developing the narrative because it shows his past life as a child and why he behaves the way he does. It begins with him looking up to his Aunt Helen and speaking so highly of her, all of his flashbacks involve her in them. However as the story progresses and Charlie's mental state gets worse, his flashbacks involve negative ones with Aunt Helen, which add to why he might have been so socially awkward/shy/etc.

1.6. Charlie going to hospital as everyone else goes to college

1.6.1. Charlie forgot about his auntie sexually abusing him when he was younger until he was fooling around with Sam and she brings back the memories of his auntie. These flashbacks take Charlie back to a bad place, he doesn't feel like he belongs anymore, he starts having flashbacks that he can't stop, he gets sent to a mental institute which helps him to control and soon stop these flashbacks.

2. Relationships That Develop Between The Characters

2.1. Sam and Charlie

2.1.1. From the moment that he met her, Charlie was in love with Sam, but he never had the courage to do anything about it. He had to witness Sam falling for Craig, and only stood by to be her friend and to support her. Towards the end, after Sam finds out that Craig had been cheating on her almost the whole time they were together, Charlie becomes more confident with showing her how much he cares for her (after he gets out of the hospital and she and Patrick come to visit him).

2.2. Patrick and Charlie

2.2.1. Charlie and Patrick start out as friends because Patrick looks out for Charlie a little. They become closer as Charlie learns of Patrick's (and the rest of the group's) story, and spend a lot of time together when Charlie is told to stay away from the group.

2.3. Mr Anderson and Charlie

2.3.1. When they first met in English class, Charlie was quiet and didn't say anything although he obviously knew all the answers. As the year progressed, Charlie grew attached to Mr Anderson and wrote essays for all the books that Mr Anderson shared with him. They became close and Charlie was happy to find that his favourite teacher wouldn't leave at the end of the school year.

2.4. Charlie and his family

2.4.1. Charlie had a troubled childhood, and through solving his troubles/issues it has brought him closer with his family. His family help him grow and develop into a young man, they also help him through all his hard times and are always there for him. A prime example of this is when Charlie calls his sister, Candice, whilst crying and tells her that everything is his fault, she immediately gets an ambulance to his aid. Candice knows his troubled past and helps him.

2.5. Charlie and Mary Elizabeth

2.5.1. By the end of the film Charlie is able to be honest with Mary Elizabeth and communicate how he really feels, and that he doesn't in fact love her or even like her in the way he should. From this honesty they were able to be friends and learn from their past experiences. Although the relationship was one sided it was an essential event for Charlie to develop and grow from this relationship and learn from his mistakes.

3. How characters develop and change: their decisions, what influences them, their motivations

3.1. Charlie dances at homecoming with Sam and Patrick

3.1.1. Charlie was a wallflower, an observer that's not involved in the action that he sees. When he decided to take a chance and dance right in the middle of the room with Sam and Patrick with all eyes on him, he was mainly motivated by the idea of fitting in with the others and maybe even having fun with them.

3.2. Charlie sits with Patrick at the football game

3.2.1. Charlie decides to step out of his comfort zone, a key point in showing this is when he decides to sit next to Patrick at the football game. He decides to make an effort to make friends and is motivated by his past experiences to live a normal teenage life.

3.3. Sam

3.3.1. It's said that Sam had begun high school as the kind of freshman that the older boys would get drunk at parties and fool around with. She didn't do any schoolwork and had a bad reputation. However by the time she made it to her final year of high school, she was working hard to get into the college she wanted to, and even had Charlie help her study and re-sit her SATs so that she could get better marks.

3.4. Charlie ignores the rules of the "secret santa"

3.4.1. Charlie had bought presents for everyone and didn't care that there were certain rules around being a secret santa for one person. He had bought everyone something special to them and something that they would truly like.

3.5. Charlie gets help

3.5.1. Towards the end of the film Chralie is finding life hard to cope with. Charlie calls Candice in tears and she gets him admitted to hospital. When charlie wakes up in the psychiatric ward he is worried that his parents won't be able to pay the bill, however he finally accepts the fact that if he is going to get better he will need to take the help he is offered. He is motivated to accept the help to benefit his family and friends, so they won't worry about him so much.

3.6. Candice breaks up with her boyfriend

3.6.1. By the end of the film Charlie tells us that Candice breaks up with 'Ponytail Derek'. It can be inferred that she realizes that he is no good for her and that she deserves much better. She is motivated to do so because of him being abusive and to do the right thing for her mental and physical being. She breaks up with him before going to college to allow herself to try new things.