ICT 03:361 Jen Bercier

Plan your lessons and the goals of your lessons as well as including important content

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ICT 03:361 Jen Bercier により Mind Map: ICT 03:361 Jen Bercier

1. Language Arts Grade 6

1.1. Novel Study

1.1.1. Read Chapter by Chapter Record using vocaroo Computer, internet, Vocaroo, Audacity, Blog

1.1.2. Analyze each Chapter Explain what happens in each chapter Notebook, Vocaroo, computer, internet, audacity, blog

1.1.3. Summarize book Give explanation of the main points in the novel: Characters, setting, plot, climax, etc. Vocaroo, notebook, computer, internet, audacity, blog

1.1.4. Create vocabulary list Identify vocabulary not understandable, use dictionary to define them. Notebook, dictionary

1.2. Prerequisites

1.2.1. Blogger Account

1.2.2. Audacity Software

1.2.3. Vocaroo

1.2.4. Google Account

1.2.5. Google Chrome browser

1.2.6. Computer

1.2.7. Internet

1.3. Notes

1.3.1. Manitoba Curriculum G.O. 2 G.O. 3

1.3.2. ICT Curriculum P-1.2 P-2.2 P-3.2 G-1.3 G-2.3

1.3.3. Reasoning Show understanding and comprehension

1.3.4. Method of Instruction Presentation Provide example Step-by-step video

1.3.5. Method of Evaluation Online portfolio, complete paper work

1.4. Resources

1.4.1. Reading books

1.4.2. Examples

1.4.3. Computer class

2. Math Grade 5

2.1. Place Value and Number Sense

2.1.1. Online homework

2.1.2. Online assignments

2.1.3. Online pre-test

2.2. Prerequisites

2.2.1. Computer/Laptop

2.2.2. Internet/Wi-fi

2.2.3. Textbooks

2.2.4. Google Account

2.2.5. Google Drive

2.2.6. YouTube Instructional Video

2.3. Notes

2.3.1. Manitoba Curriculum 5.N.1.

2.3.2. ICT Continuum S-1.1 S-1.3 M-1.1 P-1.2

2.3.3. Reasoning

2.3.4. Method of Instruction Lecture Examples

2.3.5. Method of Evaluation Online portfolio Completed paper work

2.4. Resources

2.4.1. Textbooks, computer, laptop

2.4.2. Computer lab

3. Social Studies Grade 4

3.1. Google Map

3.1.1. Create map of Canada Label provinces, territories, geographical features, etc. Maps, internet, computer.

3.1.2. Create map of Manitoba Label cities, towns, reserves, lakes, rivers, national parks, etc. Maps, internet, computer

3.1.3. Create map of Hometown Label major businesses, names of areas, etc. Map, internet, computer

3.2. Prerequisites

3.2.1. Internet/Wi-fi

3.2.2. Computer/Laptop

3.2.3. Google Account

3.3. Notes

3.3.1. Manitoba Curriculum Cluster 1: Geography of Canada

3.3.2. ICT Curriculum P-1.1. P-1.2. P-2.2 P-2.3 G-1.1 G-2.2 G-2.3 PR-1.1 PR-1.3 C-1.1 C-2.1

3.3.3. Objectives Create maps: Canada, Manitoba, Hometown

3.3.4. Reasoning Becoming more familiar with the places of Canada.

3.3.5. Method of Instruction Instruction/Present Sample

3.3.6. Method of Evaluation Completion of maps Online portfolio

3.4. Resources

3.4.1. Computers, samples, textbooks

3.4.2. Sample of my own

3.4.3. Computer Lab

4. Science Grade 4

4.1. Animal Adaptations

4.1.1. Match animal to their habitat Identify animal and their proper environment.

4.1.2. Research and identify animal and type of food consumption. Herbivore, omnivore, carnivore.

4.1.3. Identify significance of animal features. Animal features and why it helps them survive their environment

4.2. Prerequisites

4.2.1. Science books

4.2.2. Internet

4.2.3. Library

4.2.4. Youtube

4.2.5. Computer/Laptop

4.3. Notes

4.3.1. Manitoba Curriculum Cluster 1: Habitats and Communities

4.3.2. ICT Continuum P-1.1 G-1.1

4.3.3. Reasoning Get to know the homes of the animals.

4.3.4. Method of Instruction Videos Youtube Lecture, presentation Examples

4.3.5. Method of Evaluation Completed paper work. Science portfolio

4.4. Resources

4.4.1. Internet, computers, science books

4.4.2. Youtube videos, Examples displayed on board

4.4.3. Library, Computer class, nature walk

5. Physical Education Kindergarten

5.1. Movement

5.1.1. Experience different movements

5.1.2. Participate in sports/games.

5.1.3. Dance

5.2. Prerequisites

5.2.1. Laptop

5.2.2. Internet/Wi-fi

5.2.3. Skype Account

5.2.4. Youtube Account

5.2.5. Windows Media

5.3. Notes

5.3.1. Manitoba Curriculum K.1.K.A.1.

5.3.2. ICT Continuum P-1.1 P-1.2 E-1.1

5.3.3. Reasoning In case of being away and I have a substitute, I could help the sub through YouTube videos and Skype with instruction.

5.3.4. Method of Instruction Demonstrate moves Lecture Videos

5.3.5. Method of Evaluation Participation

5.4. Resources

5.4.1. Laptop, internet, supplies(sports)

5.4.2. YouTube Presentations

5.4.3. Gymnasium