My ICT Lessons for classs

Plan your lessons and the goals of your lessons as well as including important content

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My ICT Lessons for classs により Mind Map: My ICT Lessons for classs

1. KL-020 Locate on a map of Canada places and regions of historical significance to the fur fur trade and the Métis Nation.

2. Social studies and map

2.1. Metis People Fashion in the fur trade

2.1.1. Who are the First People Internet Research KWL Chart Prerequisites Be able to use the computer use browser Watch introductory youtube video

2.1.2. Why is this important? gather and collect information Prerequisites google account YouTube multimedia computer internet access

2.1.3. Contribution to the fur Trade Watch a video prior knowledge from previous lesson

2.1.4. What are they wearing Analyze Artifacts and pictures class introduction lessons

2.2. Teacher Prerequisites

2.2.1. Grade 5 Social Studies

2.2.2. Goals Teach students fun interactive hands on Social Studies

2.2.3. Social Studies Manitoba Grade 5 Cluster 3 Fur Trade

2.2.4. Grade 5 Social Studies People and Stories of Canada to 1867: A Foundation for Implementatio

2.2.5. Success for all learners

2.3. Notes

2.3.1. Lesson or Series Title G2.2 Cognitive Objectives

2.3.2. Goals of Each Lesson European interactions Settler interactions Shared Technology Fashion Cultural change

2.3.3. Objectives

2.3.4. Reasoning

2.3.5. Content

2.3.6. Method of Instruction

2.3.7. Method of Evaluation

2.4. Resources

2.4.1. Materials Metis sash Mukluks Beaver statue

2.4.2. Organize Fur Trade Centers

2.4.3. Websites: First People Many tender ties: Women in fur-trade society, 1670-1870 S Van Kirk - 1983 Cultural Changes Technology

3. Pod Cast

4. Youtube Presentation

5. Power Point Presentation