Lesson Planning

Plan your lessons and the goals of your lessons as well as including important content

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Lesson Planning により Mind Map: Lesson Planning

1. Final Presentation

1.1. Fur Trade interactions using learning centres

1.2. Each student group will present a powerpoint presentation based on their topics

1.3. Group 1 artifacts used within fur trade interactions

1.3.1. Metis Sash Pemmican beaver pelt

1.4. Group 2 Compare and contrast the European and First people

1.4.1. Fashion Tools and technology Transportation

1.5. Group 3 Students will analyze the role of the women and men in the fur trade using internet

1.5.1. Students will use internet research to look for the roles of the women and the men Google Zotereo

1.6. Group 4 Students will use online books to research relationships in the furtrade

1.6.1. Students will use google Wikipedia Youtube Videos

1.7. Students will present an online presentation to record their research skills using ICT

1.7.1. Google docs

1.7.2. Google account

1.7.3. Youtube Vocaroo Brainshark

1.8. Students can learn new information using ICT and record their findings through a powerpoint presentation

1.9. Grade 5 Cluster 3 Fur Trade

1.9.1. ICT learning outcomes

1.9.2. M1.1 E1.1 Pr1.3

1.10. The students will use ICT to research the different items used within the fur trade

1.11. Students Will use Ict to research images of First people and Europeans

1.12. Method of Evaluation

1.12.1. 5kh036: Have students learn examples the impact of interactions between First People, Europeans Settlers Powerpoint presentation Use ICT

1.13. Powerpoint rubric

1.14. Objectives

1.14.1. Outcomes

2. Google Map lesson

2.1. Google Maps provinces and Capital cities

2.1.1. MB Curriculum Outcomes

2.1.2. ICT Continumm Outcomes m1.1 E1.1

2.1.3. Online lesson using Google account my google maps Create a custom map use youtube videos

2.1.4. Prerequisites Youtube account google account

2.1.5. Sample Map Provinces and territories include Northwest Territory and Alaska Capital Cities Yout Tube vido Clip for each Capital City

2.2. Resources

2.2.1. Facilities

2.2.2. Internet Access

2.2.3. Youtube Account find capital city mini videos for each Province

2.2.4. Google maps

2.2.5. Atlas

2.2.6. Social Studies Manitoba Curriculum Frame Work Outcomes

2.2.7. Google account

2.2.8. Informational Technology Support

2.3. Notes

2.3.1. Teacher reflections What worked What didnot work Resources add attachment of a video of each province ICT m1.1. Lecture

3. Online quiz

3.1. Review

3.1.1. Students will review previous learning mater from grade 5 Cluster 3 Fur trade interacions

3.2. Goals

3.2.1. Students will complete a quiz on the fur trade

3.3. Online spread sheet

3.4. Resources

3.4.1. Internet

3.4.2. Personal blog

3.4.3. YouTube Videos

3.4.4. Teachers blog

3.4.5. Pod Cast

4. VideopodCast

4.1. Resources

4.1.1. ICT Google docs to create power point presentation SoundCloud was used to to record audio Brainshark Students will research about mapping the students can use ICT and the google maps to pinpoint all the Trade posts that were used during the fur trade Manitoba Curriculum Framework Kindergarden to Grade 8 Social Studies Objectives learn about the interactions in the Fur Trade Outcome 5kh036: Have students learn examples the impact of interactions between First People, Europeans Settle Why is it important? Create a video why the interactions were important to the Fur trade and development of Canada

4.2. Prerequisites

4.2.1. Social studies Curriculum Frameworks Kindergarten to Grade 8

4.2.2. Internet

4.2.3. Google docs

4.2.4. Youtube

4.2.5. Audiacity

4.2.6. Brainshark

4.2.7. Vocaroo

4.2.8. ScreenOCast online recorder

4.2.9. Teacher Blog

4.2.10. Internet Access

4.2.11. Multimedia Computer

4.2.12. Google accounts

4.2.13. Social studies Curriculum

4.2.14. Google docs spread sheet to record marks

4.3. Student Prerequsities

4.3.1. google account Youtube account Multimedia computer Internet Access ability to use online screenOcast or video recorder Audiacity Brain Shark.com Audioboo Sound Cloud