Structure and Forces

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Structure and Forces により Mind Map: Structure and Forces

1. Loads

1.1. Dynamic loads

1.1.1. Examples Wind Earthquakes

1.1.2. Dynamic load is when it is created in motion and is not constant

1.2. Live load

1.2.1. Live load isn't constant it is moved all the time

1.2.2. Examples People Furniture

1.3. Dead load

1.3.1. Examples Gravity Ceiling

1.3.2. Dead load is load that is constant, it is always there

2. Form and function

2.1. Form

2.1.1. Form is how the structure looks like or the capabilities of the structure.

2.1.2. Examples Large structure Apartment Strong structure House

2.2. Function

2.2.1. Examples Transportation Car Shelter House

2.2.2. Function is what the structure can do, or what its function is

3. Enternal Force

3.1. Examples

3.1.1. Tension When forces are pulled in opposite directions it creates torsion Examples Pulling on elastic band

3.1.2. Compression When forces pulled in opposite direction it creates compression Examples Sleeping on a pillow

3.1.3. Torsion Torsion is created when opposite rotational forces are applied Examples Turning the door knob

3.1.4. Shear Shear is when two parallel forces are at work at the same place within an object Examples Strong wind bending a tree

3.2. Definition

3.2.1. External force is a structures respond to stress.

4. Internal Force

4.1. Internal force refers to a force that is applied to a structure

4.2. Examples

4.2.1. Person sitting on a chair Kicking a soccer ball Baseball player hitting a ball

4.3. Magnitude

4.3.1. A measure of how strong the force is.( a hard strike is a higher magnitude force)

4.4. Direction

4.4.1. The direction of a force affects how a structure will react to it.

4.5. Point of application

4.5.1. The location where the force is applied

4.6. Plane of application

4.6.1. A force that applied to an object to make the object move from one place to another

5. Types of Structure

5.1. Solid Structures

5.1.1. They are solid all the way through

5.1.2. Some examples Mountains Dam

5.2. Frame Structures

5.2.1. They are joined together and is a skeleton

5.2.2. Some examples Cars House

5.3. Shell Structures

5.3.1. They are hollow on the inside

5.3.2. Some examples Igloo Dome