Structures & Forces

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Structures & Forces により Mind Map: Structures & Forces

1. Internal Forces

1.1. Torsion

1.1.1. When you apply opposite rotational forces to a structure.

1.2. Tension

1.2.1. When you pull a structure in opposite directions.

1.3. Compression

1.3.1. When you push a structure in opposite directions.

1.4. Shear

1.4.1. When you bend a structure.

1.5. Forces that happen in the inside

2. Dead Load

3. The dead load is something held down on a structure or the structure itself

3.1. For example, the dead load on a house is the house itself

3.2. The dead load rarely changes over time

4. Live Load

4.1. The live load is something moving on a structure

4.1.1. For example, the live load on a bridge is moving cars

5. Dynamic Loads

5.1. A dynamic load is a force coming from outside of a structure

5.1.1. For example, wind that is blowing on a house is a dynamic load

6. Static Loads

7. What the structure was built to do.

7.1. The function of a structure is what the structure is made for or what it's purpose is

7.1.1. As an example, the function of a bridge is to get people and things across something, like a body of water

8. How the structure is built

8.1. The form of a structure is what the structure will look like

8.1.1. For example, how is the CN tower built?

9. Solid Structures

9.1. A structure that are solid all the way through

9.1.1. A mountain is an example of a solid structure

10. Dome structures

10.1. A structure with a hollow inside, also known as a shell structure

10.1.1. an igloo is an example of a dome structure

11. Frame Structures

11.1. A structure made by parts fastened together

11.1.1. An example is the frame design if the Eiffel Tower

12. External Forces

12.1. Point of Application

12.1.1. Where on a structure an external force is being applied

12.2. Plane of Application

12.2.1. On what angle an external force is being applied

12.3. Magnitude

12.3.1. How strong or weak an external force is

12.4. Direction

12.4.1. Is where the force will be applied

12.5. Forces that are applied outside of the object

13. Forces

14. Form and Function

15. Classification of Structures

16. Loads