MindMeister 9 - USER FEEDBACK

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MindMeister 9 - USER FEEDBACK により Mind Map: MindMeister 9  -  USER FEEDBACK

1. Google+

1.1. Philippe Boukobza

1.1.1. Excellent update! Congratulations!

1.2. Christian von Duisburg

1.2.1. very nice!

1.3. Helen Baxter

1.3.1. Love the new interface!

1.4. M. Geb

1.4.1. I love it! I'd love it even more if you gave me an account for free; I've been with you guys since the (relative) beginning. ;)

1.5. Jonathan Brown

1.5.1. Nicht Schlecht, MindMeister guys. I'm a newbie using this with teachers working on curriculum project writing. I'll let you know how it goes after we present to colleagues in March.

1.6. İlker BERKMAN

1.6.1. I would like to offer some features that could be useful for educators using MindMeister for collaborative mind mapping projects. The data on "advanced" panel of collaboration tool only includes date information in dd/mm/yy. A detailed timestamp including the h:m:s information would be very helpful for a teacher. Also, some events in the advanced panel includes modification of the multiple items at the same time by the same person. If each row contains information on timestamp-user-action-affectedObject, and objects affected by the same action share the same time stamp, it would be more easier to make a quantitative analysis on a mindmap. It would be easier to find out the questions of the answers like the following: - How many ideas are added by user1? - How many connections are added by user2? - Which of the users have spent a lot of time by modifying the appearance of the mind map? This would be helpful to understand the level of contribution to the mind map for each contributor. Besides these actions related to cooperation, you can also keep log of coordination actions like inviting people, logging on, viewing document, logging off, closing document. A tool to add "comments" (something different conceptually from the ideas) for asynchronous communication could be useful. Also, a group chat tool would be great for synchronous collaboration. For the last, things would be easier if there would be an option to download the information on "advanced" panel as a .csv file.

2. Twitter

2.1. NetzwerkPilot11:40am via HootSuite

2.1.1. Oh, die @mindmeister haben sich herausgeputzt - Sehr fein.

2.2. Berrot3:52am via MindMeister

2.2.1. La app de mindmapping colaborativo @mindmeister acaba de mejorar muchísimo su interfaz. Recomendada

2.3. JeroenSangersJan 09, 9:06pm via Buffer

2.3.1. Me gusta la nueva versión de @mindmeister

2.4. mikepenceJan 09, 6:13pm via Web

2.4.1. Instantly in love with the re-designed @mindmeister!

2.5. LuisOliverioJan 09, 5:08pm via TweetDeck

2.5.1. @mindmeister I'm really liking it!

2.6. TMNinjaJan 09, 3:09pm via Tweetbot for Mac

2.6.1. Wow. Impressive update to @mindmeister. One of my favorite apps!

2.7. _iestJan 09, 12:18pm via Web

2.7.1. @mindmeister Sweet update!

2.8. Judd6149Jan 09, 10:42am via Tweet Button

2.8.1. Well done! -> Meet The All-New MindMeister!

2.9. suhaimi5:18am via Web

2.9.1. New @mindmeister UX looking good so far. mindmeister.com #newstuff

2.10. TejasTPatel1:19pm via Web

2.10.1. [email protected] love the new update to mindmeister.com site. Sleek, sexy and more usable.

2.11. roygrubb6:41am via TweetDeck

2.11.1. Greatly relieved to see that new @mindmeister design hasn't gone all flat. A nice, new lively look. bit.ly/cCFZpf

2.12. florisvaneckJan 13, 8:54pm via OS X

2.12.1. I’m loving Mindmeister 9 so far. Great new features, design and usabilitymindmeister.com/blog/2014/01/0… Hats off @mindmeister #mindmapping

2.13. vorinstanzJan 13, 7:56pm via TweetDeck

2.13.1. Neue @mindmeister Version läuft nun stabil. Gelungenes Update, neue Version ist sinnvolle Weiterentwicklung. mindmeister.com #tools

2.14. bugtracker10:57am via Web

2.15. b0uh11:03am via Web

2.15.1. L'outil de #mindmapping @mindmeister s'offre une deuxième jeunesse! A tester d'urgence :) mindmeister.com

2.16. diegoschmitt12:35pm via TweetDeck

2.16.1. @mindmeister Congratulations here from Brazil, nice update!

2.17. maxbadolati1:38pm via Web

2.17.1. molto carina la nuova #userinterface di @mindmeister #cool

2.18. trapinapi2:45pm via HootSuite

2.18.1. @mindmeister se renueva con nuevo look y funcionalidades para hacerlo más fácilow.ly/syIiS

2.19. p_demeyerJan 14, 11:45pm via Twitter for Mac

2.20. iSocial_Fanz:

2.20.1. Giving @mindmeister a try… Interesting mind mapping solution..#digital

2.20.2. mattcdowning: @iSocial_Fanz @mindmeister You'll be happy you did. It's a powerful tool.

2.21. iSocial_FanzJan 14, 11:42pm via MindMeister

2.21.1. Tested out this collaboration mind mapping tool @mindmeister & I am a fan of UI & potential!

2.22. domanske2:28pm via Twitter for Mac

2.22.1. Wow, @mindmeister hat aber ein kräftiges Redesign verpasst bekommen. Fett flat.

2.23. openworldJan 15, 9:12pm via Web

2.23.1. Congrats @mindmeister for a great upgrade! Feature request: option for updated thumbnails of linked external pages to stay visible in a map

2.24. ykacenelenJan 16, 5:01pm via Tweet Button

2.24.1. @mindmeister refreshed their tool's interface design & improved usability on all devices mindmeister.com > A must-use! #mindmapping

2.25. vorinstanzJan 18, 5:56pm via Web

2.25.1. @mindmeister Weboptionen des Virenschutzes OFF, Problem gelöst. War Hinweis für euch. Danke für den professionellen Support.

2.26. leoboulton3:20pm via Tweet Button

2.26.1. @mindmeister Yes. Loving it: Very simple, enough features, very fast. I signed up for the plan. Will be porting all my maps this week

2.27. pvantees Jan 20, 9:24pm via Twitter for Mac

2.27.1. First time with the new @mindmeister - it's looking really good. Smooth and fast.

2.28. LilithElina Jan 26, 2:01pm via Web

2.28.1. The new version of @mindmeister that came out on my birthday (or around then) looks really nice. I have to go back there more often!

2.29. tvrdek 1:34pm via Web

2.29.1. What happened to @mindmeister? I used to love this product, now it's just strangely unappealing and inconsistent.

2.29.2. @mindmeister It looks busy, chaotic, unaligned. I don't get the visual priorities, like on the menu (besides, the blue color hurts).

2.29.3. @mindmeister The whole UI is just a mess, blurry icons, unnecessary borders and spaces, too many font sizes.. Zooming the map zooms like 5 %

3. Blog

3.1. Jürgen Schulze on January 9, 2014 at 11:18

3.1.1. Congratulations to the whole MindMeister team for this wonderful release! MindMeister proves the fact that usability rules! You did it the best way: Appealing to new users AND old users while not sending “old” users through a maze of changes and frustration. A super start into the day for a MindMeister veteran!

3.2. Joël Wijngaarde on January 9, 2014 at 1:39 pm said:

3.2.1. Really great update! Love the new UI, much better!One feature I would really love to see is the ability to disable the background when printing (Saving a lot of toner ink).I wish you all a great and very successful new year!

3.3. Hans Terhurne on January 9, 2014 at 5:13 pm said:

3.3.1. Great update MindMeister! Played a bit with it and just like it. One extra would be nice: clicking on my company logo brings me to mindmeister.com instead of my company site – is it possible to change that? Wish you all the best! Hans

3.4. Keeler Cox on January 9, 2014 at 7:39 pm said:

3.4.1. So far, so good! Because I’m so shallow and care mainly about appearances, I especially like the fact that public channel maps and maps exported as PDFs are now WYSIWYG. Can’t wait to output a large format print. Will no doubt provide a much better big-picture view than before — and be a better communication tool as a result.

3.5. Nadav Kavalerchik

3.5.1. Beautiful features! Please see if you can also implement LTI wrapper over your service, So it can be easily integrated into most popular LMS-es (and can be added to the https://www.edu-apps.org/index.html list)

3.6. Ricardo Vidigal da Silva

3.6.1. Congratulations to the whole MindMeister team!....My question is that you think to development aplication in portuguese language ?

3.7. Glenn Weidner

3.7.1. Congrats on the new changes! I’m not sure if it’s new or not, but what was NOT completely obvious to me in the interface, and is also missing from this blog post, is the Floating Topic feature. For me this is an important feature. I only discovered it after reading today’s email newsletter and taking another look at your website. I found it here buried at the bottom of the page: http://www.mindmeister.com/features. I may stop my search for another tool now that I accidentally discovered that A) this feature exists, and B) figured out how to use floating topics. Thanks a lot!

3.8. Philippe MARCEAU

3.8.1. J’adore cette nouvelle configuration. J’avais abandonné mindmeiste, je reviens. Merci pour votre travail !

3.9. Cecilia Uriona

3.9.1. Loving the new interface, and everything you have done guys, congrats!!

3.10. Hans Terhurne on January 9, 2014 at 5:13 pm said:

3.11. Hans Terhurne on January 9, 2014 at 5:13 pm said:

4. Facebook

4.1. Arnt Maasø

4.1.1. Great redesign! Snafu with log on a couple of times, but once I was allowed in ... great! Love it!

4.2. Brian S Friedlander

4.2.1. Super!

4.3. Matheus Beck

4.3.1. Very nice!