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1. Design and manufacturing

1.1. Additive Manufacturing (polymers, metals, ceramics)

1.2. Computer Aided Design (CAD)

1.3. Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)

1.4. Continuous improvement of processes and products manufacturing

1.5. Design and manufacturing of structures

1.6. Finite Element Method (FEM)

1.7. Manufacturing process optimization

1.8. Manufacturing processes, machining, assembly and high performance processing

1.8.1. Additive Manufacturing

1.8.2. Generation of machining lines / manufacturing

1.8.3. High-performance removal of materials

1.8.4. Surface treatment

1.8.5. Wlding, shaping

1.9. Materials based on polymers morphologies control

1.10. Numerical fluid mechanics (CFD)

1.11. Robotic manufacturing

1.11.1. Artificial Intelligence

1.11.2. Design, modelization, simulation & analysis of pneumatic and hydraulic systems

1.11.3. Image processing / pattern recognition / artificial vision

1.11.4. Intelligent control of electrical drives and robots precision

1.12. Shaping and welding of thermoplastic composites

1.13. Vibration & diagnostics

1.14. Wear, life and performance of cutting tools

2. Service behavior

2.1. Characterization and modeling of the mechanical behavior

2.2. Maintenance reliability, predictive, preventive, availability

2.3. Measurement & Testing

2.3.1. Analysis of real structures

2.3.2. Non-destructive testing standard and non-standard

2.3.3. Automated Inspection (imaging, vision, artificial intelligence, pattern recognition)

2.3.4. 3D Metrology & Propagation of uncertainties

2.3.5. Modeling of inspection systems

2.4. Simulation and behavior of assemblies

2.5. Vibrations & diagnostics

3. Research laboratory

3.1. Laboratory for fabrication and characterization of composite materials - LFCMC

3.1.1. Physical and mechanical characterization of polymers and composites

3.1.2. Design, layout and assembly of polymeric composite materials

4. Science of composite materials

4.1. Material characterization

4.2. Armed composites

4.3. Composites and Nanocomposites (including natural fibers, nanoclays, biodegradable polyesters, polymers, dielectric, functional, smart ...)

4.4. Building composite

4.5. Composition and Composites for recycled bituminous & asphalt

4.6. Shape memory materials

4.7. Hydrocarbon polymers, biodegradable biopolymers and nanocrystals cellulose

4.8. Dielectric properties of the polymeric materials and composites