Attributes Employers Value In Their Staff

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Attributes Employers Value In Their Staff により Mind Map: Attributes Employers Value In Their Staff

1. Industry and Technical Skills

1.1. This is what you're being hired for, your actual skills in the industry.

1.2. Your employers will require proof that you can do these skills, be it in the form of certificates or experience.

2. Good Working Procedures

2.1. Good working procedures are looked for as it shows that you're a reliable worker, some good working procedures are:

2.2. Health and safety,

2.3. Experience with security.

3. Good General Skills

3.1. Good general skills are always looked for do you have good:

3.2. Planning skills?

3.3. Organisational skills?

3.4. Time management skills?

3.5. Team working skills?

3.6. Verbal skills?

3.7. Numeracy skills?

3.8. Creativity skills?

4. Organisational and Time Skills

4.1. Your organisational and time skills show that you're able to organise yourself and that you can plan how to complete your work in the best possible way.

5. Social Skills

5.1. Your social skills are how you are interacting with other people, you can do this through ways such as: communicating, team work, and body language.

5.2. This is something that is assessed straight from your job interview.

6. Numeracy and Creativity

6.1. This shows that you're able to do certain tasks, you wouldn't be able to be an artist unless you're creative. The same principle applies with numeracy, unless you're trained to be able to handle advanced mathematics you won't be to program at a high level.

6.2. You will sometimes be required to bring proof of your creative skills.

7. Motivation

7.1. Motivation shows how you feel about your job, it is recognized from your attitude and how you act whilst at your interview.

7.2. You can prove that you're motivated by doing things like learning about the company before the interview so you've got something to do.

8. Problem Solving

8.1. Values want employees who can handle it when things go wrong, they want to know that you can

9. Dependability

9.1. Dependability is effectively being professional, are you able to always be in work? Are you able to to always do your work to the best of your ability?

10. Confidence

10.1. Confidence is a very important trait, it shows that you hold your work in high regard.

10.2. Confidence is contagious and employers will think that you will be able to spread it to other workers.

11. Communication Skills

11.1. Communication skills are assessed straight away from your interview, good communication skills will help you an awful lot to get you a job.

11.2. Being able to communicate effectively about your skills and experience is of high importance.