Technology Framework and Theories in Education

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Technology Framework and Theories in Education により Mind Map: Technology Framework and Theories in Education

1. 21st Century Learner

1.1. Blend of various skills in combination of many support systems to help students excel in their education

1.2. Student Outcomes

1.2.1. Learning and Innovation Skils

1.2.2. Life and Career Skills

1.2.3. Information, Media, and Technology Skills

1.2.4. Core Subjects - 3R's and 21st Century Themes

1.3. Support Systems

1.3.1. Standards and Assessments

1.3.2. Curriculum and Instruction

1.3.3. Professional Development

1.3.4. Learning Environments

1.4. Good resource


1.5. Foundational Knowledge

1.5.1. Core Content

1.5.2. Information and Digital Literacy

1.5.3. Cross Disciplinary Knowledge

1.6. Meta Knowledge

1.6.1. Problem Solving Skills

1.6.2. Critical Thinking Skills

1.6.3. Communicative Skils

1.6.4. Creativity

1.7. Humanistic Knowledge

1.7.1. Emotional and Ethical Awareness

1.7.2. Cultural Competence

1.7.3. Job and Life Skills

2. Philosophy of Teachnology

2.1. Statement of personal beliefs of how technology should be used for teaching in the classroom

2.2. Changes over time as technology advances or your knowledge in areas of technology excells

2.3. Can be applied in the classroom environment and outside the classroom environment


3.1. Three integral forms of knowledge that teachers

3.1.1. Content Knowledge The knowledge the teachers has regarding the subjects they teach

3.1.2. Technological Knowledge Teachers understanding of how to use technology for teaching

3.1.3. Pedagogical Knowledge Teachers education and experience in methods of teaching

3.2. Use an amalgamation of two out of the three forms of knowledge opens up more forms of teaching

3.2.1. Technological Content Knowledge Teacher's understanding of the use technology to apply their content knowledge in their teaching

3.2.2. Pedagogical Content Knowledge Teacher's understanding of the methods that are best to teach their content

3.2.3. Pedagogical Technological Knowledge Teacher's understanding and application of technology in their method of teaching

3.3. Usage of all three forms of knowledge: Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge

3.3.1. How teacher uses technology to enhance their method of teaching their content material

3.4. Great resource website which include the well known TPACK Venn Diagram model


3.5. Using TPACK can effectively enhance the learning experience in the classroom for students



4.1. Substitution, Augmentation, Modification and Redefinition

4.2. Theory that describes a different perspective of using technology in the classroom

4.3. Provides new definitions of learning activities - many different uses or innovative uses of technology for learning

4.4. Develops technology as a essential tool for students in their future

4.5. Two ways that SAMR is broken down

4.5.1. Enhancement Substitution Example: using google scholar to look up references for research paper rather than going to the library Augmentation Example: group of students compiling research paper on one google doc - they work collaboratively and at the same time

4.5.2. Transformation Modification Example: students presenting research project to class in the form of a virtual poster, ie Glogster Redefinition Example: student group can present their project and ideas on Skype to international classroom's and be introduced to the online community of spreading ideas via teleconferencing internationally

4.6. Good Sources