Dance Music <3

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Dance Music <3 により Mind Map: Dance Music <3

1. Waltz

1.1. Texture - Tune and Accompaniment

1.2. Rythm - Oom Cha Cha

1.2.1. Time Signature - 3/4

1.3. Started in Austria, Vienna in the 1790s

1.4. Composer - Strauss

1.5. Dance - The Waltz are the techniques of "rise and fall" and "body sway." Rise and fall is the elevating and lowering that a dancer feels as he or she moves onto the toes, then relaxes through the knee and ankle, ending on a flat foot. Before both dancers begin to closely spin around the ballroom.

2. Tango

2.1. Time Signature - 4/4

2.2. Tempo - Moderate

2.3. Dotted Rhythms - A dot place immediately after a note increases it's value by half.

2.3.1. Staccato Notes - Detached Notes.

2.4. Lot's of Minor Keys are used.

2.5. Composer - Piazolla

2.6. Dance - Partners dance in close embrace often with their legs entwined. It is a passionate, sensual dance. The moves are often exaggerated to increase their effect.

3. Salsa

3.1. Salsa is based on Cuban music called SON

3.1.1. SON - A fusion of African (call and response) music and spanish elements (spanish language, use of guitar)

3.2. SON music was mixed with JAZZ and other Cuban dance to create SALSA.

3.3. Rhythm - Often played with Claves.

3.4. Uses a LOT of syncopation (playing off-beat)

3.5. Instruments!! - Piano, Bass, Percussion (claves, cowbells, congs, timbale)

3.6. Composer - Tito Puente

3.7. Developed in New York in the 1960s and 70s by Cuban and Puerto Rican immigrants that lived in the city.

4. American Line Dance

4.1. Developed out of Contra Dance, popular in the 19th Century.

4.2. The steps are Choreographed (worked out in advance)

4.3. The first choreographed line-dance is thought to be the Tush Push from 1980.

4.4. Dance- Dancers stand in lines, all facing the same direction with men and women in any order. Everyone performs the steps without touching each other. The steps have names such as 'grapevine' and 'boot scool'.

5. Irish Jig And Reel

5.1. Jig - 6/8

5.1.1. Compound Time

5.1.2. Fast Tempo

5.1.3. Contrast Quaver Movement

5.1.4. Melody Moves In Small Intervals

5.2. Reel - 4./4

5.3. Originated in Ireland 18th Century

5.4. Instruments - Violin /Flute /Tin Whistle / Accordion /Bodhran.

5.5. Dance - Intricate Foot Work, Upper body movement is restricted, Performed in groups. Often the dancers stand in a line facing the audience. Fast, energetic steps characterise the Irish Step Dance. Dancers might, hop, step, Jump and Cross their legs.

6. Disco

6.1. Started in the USA in the 1970s

6.2. Time Signature - 4/4

6.3. Played in Clubs from recordings rather than live bands.