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MindMeister により Mind Map: MindMeister

1. BUT when opening exported mmap in MindManager pro 6 it says: "XML processing error: (816:901) The attribute 'VerticalSubTopicsTreeConnectionPoint' on this element is not defined in the DTD/Schema."

2. Export to MindManager seems really good.

3. Changes sometimes not accepted

3.1. I was editing this map successfully, then suddenly it stopped accepting changes

3.2. My own maps will not allow me anything but single line nodes (no multiline ones like this)

3.2.1. Later it started permitting this, but not always - unreliabe

3.3. The status bar at the bottom right turns to orange/red and I cannot change the map, even if I wait many minutes.

3.3.1. This means I do a few minutes editing then have to stop. I come back next day Reported Oct 21, 2009. This is still the case (March 3, 2010). Mindmeister said they would investigate further (Nov 30, 2009). I'm still waiting. I had to reload the map twice, just to make this change. Thanks again for reporting Roy. We've now added extensive logging to find out what exactly happens. More info in support ticket.

3.4. Question: what browsers are you using when this happens?

3.4.1. IE8, on XP SP3

3.4.2. I have two screenshots. 1st is from 15:43 10/23/2009 when showing orange status bar and I tried to insert a branch. It failed to respond to any edit attempt. I waited, working on other things until 16:07, when I tried again. Still rejected edit attempts and showed orange bar. Closed browser and re-opened and status bar was green at the bottom and editing worked (as I type this).

3.4.3. Do you want to see screenshots? We're investigating this and will try to fix these issues asap. Thanks for the info

4. Public sharing & editing

5. Strengths

5.1. Simple

5.2. Import from MindManager

5.2.1. No support for an external program that would enable sync Though you do have google gears, unfortunately its not supported on Snow Leopard. As well as lack of support for Google Chrome. It would be nice to have a program that would auto sync when you had internet. Something similar to the app that you have for the iPhone.

5.3. Sync with iPhone app

5.3.1. App is very good Quick add feature

5.4. History/replay

5.5. Available to you from any web browser

5.6. Has lots of export formats (haven't tried them all)

5.6.1. Why is there not a better Export functionality ? Document outline? It is really not very good now. Gannt chart for projects The data needed is all there PowerPoint

5.7. If you recruit additional members you can gain usage/licensing rewards.

5.8. This seems to be an actual HTML page

5.8.1. That means adding one to my web site retains work for SEO?

5.8.2. Also means no heavy flash editor required?

5.9. Offline Editing with Google Gears

5.9.1. (except for free accounts)

5.9.2. Does not work with Snow Leopard OS

5.10. Notes to be added for each node

5.11. Non-Flash Based

5.12. Project planning features

6. Weakness

6.1. Has it got a search and replace topic text?

6.1.1. Only search

6.2. Can you have call outs?

6.2.1. No way to add a call out - tried importing a map with call out from MindManager. It's lost, as are its sub-topics

6.3. No boundaries

6.4. No auto topic numbering

6.5. Very limited formatting

6.5.1. Can't format individual characters within a topic - only the whole topic

6.5.2. mindmeister: We'll enable map themes and more formatting possibilities for nodes (bg color, style) still this year

6.6. Is there an auto balance option?

6.6.1. What's that? Automatically rearranges map placing an equal number of main topics on each side with no overlapping topics Arranging this map is a pain

6.6.2. mindmeister: Not yet, but we'll launch a new auto-layouter that avoids any overlaps in a few weeks Overlapping issues addressed in v4.7 http://www.mindmeister.com/blog/2010/09/21/mindmeister-4-7/

6.7. No offline editing

6.7.1. The marketing blurb says you can now with Google Gears (I think?)

6.7.2. mindmeister: We've had offline support with Gears for a while now

6.8. You cannot embed iframes in Ecademy blogs / threads

6.9. Is there any way to track versions or identify who added what branches / changes to a wikimap and back out those that are unsuitable? Comments yes, the rest - none that I can see.

6.9.1. The editors (you and me) will moderate

6.9.2. Undo function not available in share maps! mindmeister: Undo becomes available again when the collaborators leave the map. But also this will be changed soon.

6.9.3. (Anyway: Yes, the History view allows for Revert) History timeline is brought into view by small clock icon in the bottom right of the window. Shows account name of user making each edit.

6.10. PDF export of this map is pretty scruffy. Central topic is badly mangled (but it is quite full...)

6.10.1. mindmeister: We're constantly trying to improve this

6.11. Unreliable editing

6.12. Iphone Application

6.12.1. Cons Crashes seem to purge some of my data, and seem rather random. Account information seemed to get dumped at the same time, and the map that I had been taking notes on for class were gone... So if there is a reason for the crashing, or a way to prevent it, it would be nice Expensive. Costs $6 even for premium users

6.13. No level select or filtering

6.14. No chat support between members

6.14.1. mindmeister: Coming very soon Chat added December 2009 http://www.mindmeister.com/blog/2009/12/16/additional-languages-better-search-chat-and-a-whole-lot-more/

6.15. No short activity tab for changes by other users

6.16. No priority/order information

6.17. No refresh of the map for fold/unfold actions

6.17.1. mindmeister: Also coming very soon

6.18. Project management

6.18.1. It would be great if lower tasks status (percentage done) is summarsed at the higher levels

6.19. Choice of map style

6.19.1. I'm really put off by no choice of map style. The only style being offered is the typical "star-shape" style, in which new topics will spring out left and right. I am more inclined to use "tree" and "logic" style and for that matter I have to spend a lot of time re-arranging the topics manually.

6.19.2. Map themes added March 2010 http://www.mindmeister.com/blog/2010/03/23/new-features-at-mindmeister/


8. New node