Website Process

Create a Market Plan for introducing a new product or brand

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Website Process により Mind Map: Website Process

1. Development

1.1. Add 5 star rating to site

1.1.1. This document describes our Go To Market Plan for <Product Name>.

1.2. Integrate Heatmapping

1.3. Integrate

1.4. Setup FB & Twitter and link them so they post to each other

1.5. Setup Lead management/CRM (Zoho/Podio)

1.5.1. Connect quote form to lead management

1.5.2. Setup email template

1.5.3. Setup triggers

1.5.4. Setup users

1.5.5. Setup lead layout

1.5.6. Setup flow charts/reports

1.6. Integrate live chat

1.6.1. Get VA to handle inquiries

1.7. Integrate call me back plugin

1.8. Integrate WPPOP plugin and create reviews

2. SEO

2.1. On page SEO

2.1.1. Custom meta Title/description with the keyword mentioned 4 times

2.1.2. Keyword in Title

2.1.3. Keywords in H1

2.1.4. Keywords in Bold

2.1.5. Secondary keywords in italic/underlined

2.1.6. Images named as keyword

2.1.7. 300 + words of content on each page

2.1.8. Image alt/description/caption = keyword Image Properties = keyword name

2.1.9. Keyword once every 100 words

2.1.10. Link out to an authority website (Gov/EDU)

2.2. Off page SEO

2.2.1. Create high PR niche links direct to site

2.2.2. Create business directory listings Smash these with 3 tiers of GSA

2.2.3. Purchase a few high PR domains and build them out with relevant content Ht these sites with everything in order to keep their PR high and the sites fresh

2.2.4. Create web 2.0's and hire VA to add content once a week. Focus on Wordpress Smash these with 3 GSA tiers to home blog page + all internal post pages. Purchase fiverr social signals and spread them accross all the web 2.0's - drip feed

2.2.5. Create accounts at Digg/Stumble/Social BM sites and submit

2.2.6. Purchase social media gigs and point them at the FB/Twitter pages you created

2.2.7. Find Guest Posting Opportunities and get good content written Hit these with GSA + Social signals

2.2.8. Create a set of high PR do follow blog comments, use your name as anchor text

2.2.9. Keep focus keywords at about 15% density

2.3. Add website to Google Analytics & GWT

2.3.1. Generate Google Sitemap & upload

2.3.2. Add website to Bing/Yahoo web tools

3. Page One Domination

3.1. Create a high quality youtube video that promotes your site

3.1.1. Hit this with 3 tiers of GSA

3.2. Create a press release and get it submitted

3.2.1. Hit this with 3 tiers of GSA

3.3. Create Business Directory pages and optimize them

3.3.1. Hit this with 3 tiers of GSA

3.3.2. Create as many fake reviews as possible

3.4. Create a Google places page - as many as you can, and verify them

3.4.1. Create as many fake reviews as possible

3.4.2. Create a huge load of high quality Tier 1 links in GSA with citation information