Hiring Process

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Hiring Process により Mind Map: Hiring Process

1. Phone Interview

1.1. Dismiss

1.1.1. Notify on Phone Interview Notify by email

1.2. Pursue

1.2.1. Notify By Phone Schedule Second Interview Notify by email

2. Design Position Ad

2.1. Post Position Ad on Linkedin, and other approved Job Posting Sites

2.1.1. Intake Applications Send Screening Questions Review Resume

3. Training

3.1. About Project Hawk

3.1.1. Quick History Started in 1999 as a 6 Grade Project Renamed to Project Hawk in 2001 Established Website in 2001 Managed 4 companies from 2001 to 2007 2007 to 2010 Closed doors for economic restructuring. October 2010 Opened for business while creating new business plan, marketing plan, growth plan, etc. October 2011 Filed for DBA and State Bus. Lic. Assisted 3 major clients from October 2011 till November 2012. Nov 2012 Largest project was completed. Dec 2012 Considered hiring employees Hired 1 Jan 2013 Hired V.P. of Member Services and V.P. of Gov. Affairs.

3.1.2. Culture Teams Comprised of 9 members Management Review Work Peer Review Month review of Peer Work Positive Stuff ONLY. Its Managements job to do non-positive reviews.

3.1.3. Goals 25 Associates & Specialists by May 15. 1 Office in each of the 48 continental states by August 28 2014 10 employees in each office Projected Business Plan for Investment 400k Investment by April 28 2013

3.1.4. Promotions Every 90 Days $1/hr Raise Must meet all monthly quotas

3.1.5. Pay/Bonuses Interns NO PAY Probation Commissions Only 30 Days from Hire Commissions 60% of Acctivation Fee, 1st Month of Upgrade 20% of Additional Hourly Services (by individual who sold it) Specialist Commissions Plus $10/hr (up to $15/hr) Planners $12/Game Plan Review - Not paid if refund is requested. $24/Monthly Business Review Sales Quota Bonus 1000+ Calendar Year Sales Hiring Manager $3 Per completed sales by each sales rep you hire $10/hr after Probation Period Paychecks Commissions Hourly Wages Bonuses

3.1.6. Your Commitment Level 110% Commitment to grow Share, communicate, and work with team Hold your team accountable Set daily, weekly, and monthly goals Arrive 15 Minutes Early

3.1.7. Etiquette Requirements Required Dress Code (Both Men & Women) Must be wearing Blue Shirt and/or Tie Slacks Jacket Solid Color Button up shirt Tie (women not required) Black Dress Shoes Brown Slacks, Jacket and Dress Shoes OK if worn together. Must have Blue Tie or Shirt. Schedule Hours Required Breaks DO NOT WORK How to Get Fired: Miss 2 Clock out & Work Clock in Late 4 Times Working with Co-Workers Share info

3.2. Services

3.2.1. Business Planning Planning Research Development

3.2.2. Product/Service Planning (Marketing) Testing Presentation Implementation

3.2.3. Growth Production Expansion

3.3. Virtual Office

3.3.1. Report & Track Internal Challenges Problems Issues Risks

3.3.2. Tasks and Actions Team Leaders will share and get duties Duties that need to be done May have a cash bonus for completion

3.3.3. Recent Updates Updates about V.O.

3.3.4. Timeline Promotion Parties Training Classes Special Events Work Hours (Shift Schedule) Break & Lunch Time

3.3.5. Contact Form Forward Request to Manager Account/Status Change Request to Member Services Request on Order Refund/Replacement Request Order/Account Status Request Other

3.3.6. Project Documents Special Documents Hiring Documents Order Forms

3.3.7. Order/Payment Processing Use Your Website Manual Payment Processing PayPal Google Wallet Oldschool Oder Form Memberships (PayPal Processing)

3.3.8. BaseCRM Customer Management System SmartPhone Integration Tasks Notes Deals

3.3.9. Email Marketing (requires access) Send Newsletters Send Legal Documents Send Promotions Update Customers on New Products/Services

3.3.10. BeProject "Whats Worked For Me" Scripts Thinks to find out How to introduce yourself Tips & Tricks Promotions & Specials Monthly Promotions Weekly Promotions Service Promotions Commissions/Pay

3.4. Target Market

3.4.1. Prospective Business Owners Acceptable 18-52 yo Ideal 22-38 yo

3.4.2. Creative & Artistic Individuals Authors Artists Musicians Filmmaker

3.4.3. Current Business Owners Acceptable 18-52 yo Ideal 22-38 yo

3.5. Making Sales & Marketing

3.5.1. Marketing Reverse Internet Marketing Solves a Problem faced in the market. Inbound Marketing Referral Niche Guerrilla

3.5.2. Sales B2C Locate in public areas B2B Locate Potential Businesses: New Product Line Decline in Profits Open Less Than 3 Years Opening new location Outbound Marketing In Person Trade Show Marketing Database Offline Marketing

4. Department Head Submits Request for New Employee/Team

4.1. Staffing Manager Receives Request

4.1.1. Approved Requests Position Definition, Qualifications, Compensation (per department policies) Design Open Position Description

4.1.2. Denied

5. Conduct Interviews

5.1. First (Off-Site or Video) Interview

5.1.1. Competency Questions Right Answer Behavioral/Situation Wrong Answer Terminate Interview

5.2. Second (on-site) Interview

5.2.1. Share results of Due Dilligence Credit Check Background Check Reference Check Assessment results

5.2.2. Share reason of interest to move forward Express Good Express Concerns Needed areas of development Training or coaching that is predictable

5.2.3. Share Specifics of Position Compensation Hours of Operation Performance/Production Standards Start Date

5.2.4. Verify Candidate's Interest and passion to join our team Interested Extend Offer Letter and New Hire Paperwork Unintersted

5.3. Third (Group/Training) Interview

5.3.1. Address Final Concerns

5.3.2. Establish and agree on specific start-date

5.3.3. Preview & Schedule Coaching New Hire Oreientation Training