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Theories により Mind Map: Theories

1. Cognitive Load

1.1. The brain can only comprehend a limited amount of information at one time.

1.2. Educators can overload learners, which overtime can hinder motivation and learning.

1.2.1. Provide instruction in such a way that working memory can be transfered to long term memory.

1.2.2. Educators need evaluate the amount of information they give to their students to make sure they there isn't an overload.

1.2.3. Break up the content into parts Chunking the content needs to be meaningful. It needs to build on previous schemas and knowlegde.

1.2.4. Removing none needed or extra material can help

1.3. Uses working and long term memory

1.3.1. Long-term memory - is the length of time something stays in memory and whether it can be called upon.

1.3.2. Working memory is the amount of information that can be processed at one time Improves with practice

1.4. Some people can hold more memory then others. People vary in the kinds of memory they can absorb

2. Constructivism

2.1. Students construct what they know and have learned

2.2. New knowledge is created by assimilating and accomadationg knowledge

2.2.1. knowledge isn't learned passively

2.3. Builds on old schemas to gain new knowledge

2.4. Interaction with the envoironment is how to gain new knowledge

2.5. A teacher have to find new ways of teaching

2.5.1. Lots of student teacher interaction

2.5.2. Give hands on activities for students to learn

2.5.3. Use student creative knowledge

2.5.4. Implement classroom disscusion

2.5.5. Be sensitive of the cultures in your classroom and how they have different ways of learning

3. Connectivism

3.1. Stimulus and Response Theory

3.1.1. Students learn through giving them a stimulus and them responding to different forms of stimulus

3.2. Studenst learn from making connections

3.3. Rewards are used to increase learning

3.4. What teachers can do to help

3.4.1. Provide oppurtunities to use facebook and twitter

3.4.2. Add discussion to allow students to make connections

3.4.3. use technology in classroom

3.5. Students learn through making networks

3.6. Knowledge is in networks

4. Media Ecology

4.1. Learning through media

4.1.1. Books

4.1.2. TV

4.1.3. The internet

4.1.4. Magazines

4.1.5. Music

4.2. Communication of Information is Key

4.3. All technologies are seen as a render of Communication

4.4. Media is any object or thing that influnces us

4.5. Media has a lot of influence on sociaty

4.6. Humans are affected by technology

4.6.1. SCOT has the oppoiste view point where technology is affected by humans

4.7. How can a teacher use this in their favor

4.7.1. Use all sorts of media in the classroom

4.7.2. Don't be stuck with one approach have a variety of lesson plans

4.7.3. Use movies, music, and newspapers to help your students learn.


5.1. Social Construction of Technology

5.2. Technology based Theory

5.3. Success and failer is based on technology

5.4. Humans affect technology

5.5. Better technology will win out the market

5.6. Can be used to help see what technology is usefull

5.7. Teachers can seek ways to introduce technology into the classroom


6.1. Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge

6.2. Principles

6.2.1. Identifies knowledge teachers need to use technology effectively in the classroom

6.2.2. Three main forms of knowledge Technology The understanding of technology and the ablility to use it under a wide range of subject matters Content Knowledge of the subject matter to which is taught Pedagogy Teachers knowledge of the proccess and pracitices or methods of teaching and learning

6.2.3. Four overlaps of knowledge Pedagogy content knowledge is the knowledge of pedagogy to which you can effectively teach a specific content Technology content knowledge- is the knowledge one needs to not only understand the content but also how technology can effectively promote it or possible ways in which it can be hindered Technology Pedegogy- Is the way in which technology can effectively inhance the way in which a teachers teaches TPACK - is the complete understanding of the three froms of knowledge not individual but together as one. Knowing and balancing the three equially