Training for teachers and students

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Training for teachers and students により Mind Map: Training for teachers and students

1. Lessons

1.1. Useful knowledge or principles can be learned it's very good for students and teachers, some teachers need lesson of some software . Lessons the most effective method for students and teachers improve their subject knowledge.

1.1.1. Will give teachers some lessons include information about new software.

1.1.2. These lessons will contain several information about many applications in ipad for teachers.

1.2. Help Students

1.2.1. Students will take benefits from these lessons.

1.2.2. Students will gain much information from lessons.

1.2.3. In moodle lesson will be private I mean that students can ask if they need help even teachers can ask.

1.2.4. Private lessons also give students the additional confidence to ask questions when they need help.

1.2.5. They can take a benifits from moodle lesson anytime they want.

2. Activities

2.1. This section will be only for students, it will contain lots of activities for them to encourage them complete their work and learn more in moodle.

2.1.1. Students will enjoy learning by using these activities because they will have fun and learn in same time most of the students love this way of learning.

2.2. Activities are enhancing student development by meeting the physical and social needs.

3. Discussion Board

3.1. Discussion board will be very useful for the students and teachers. There are many names for discussion board like discussion group and message board. Moodle offers discussion boards so that users can share and discuss information and opinions.

3.2. Engage Students.

3.3. Enhance learning.

3.4. Encourage students.

3.5. Give for the teachers and students sessions. Using discussion board for teacher and students will be helpful for me because they will give me their opinion about software.

3.6. They can ask me if they need help.

3.7. I will communicate with them all and share in same time.

4. Quiz

5. Media

5.1. Media section include lots of videos about how can use different kind of software, new applications in different devices and how they can use moodle.

5.2. The purpose of media is that students and teachers will take a lot of benefits from this section this is because this section will include pictures about the newest version about each new application and software.

6. Dr.Simon Work

6.1. Ethics

6.1.1. Anonymity

7. Assessment

8. Resources

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9. Wiki

9.1. Is a series of web pages that anyone can add to or edit

10. Survey

10.1. Survey is a good way to know all the teachers and students opinion about the applications I will use, and about moodle in general.

11. Glossary