What does Freddy do?

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What does Freddy do? により Mind Map: What does Freddy do?

1. Content Production

1.1. Ensure educational quality and accuracy of selected content pieces

1.2. Update Kanbanery with newly captured videos

1.3. Content Mapping and Tracking

1.3.1. udpate curriculum maps with newly captured / assigned videos

1.3.2. update curriculum maps upon vetting by teachers

1.4. Capture

1.4.1. Capture first teacher explanations at workshops

1.4.2. Train & advise teachers on proper capture at home / office

1.4.3. Continuous capture with less tech affine tutors / teachers

2. Participant Support

2.1. Provide support, feedback and training (where necessary) for teachers capturing explanations

2.1.1. One-on-one training with teachers and tutors

2.1.2. Review and editing of explanation scripts

2.2. Quality assurance of teacher explanations

3. Publishing, Promotion & Archiving

3.1. Publish videos

3.1.1. YouTube with metadata

3.1.2. The Virtual School in topics Structure into topics Assign test questions

3.2. Archive and store final educational content and production files

3.3. Promote published videos on social media (with Malik, DMD team)

3.4. TES Publishing (3 platforms)

3.5. Manage VS Social Media Presence (Joint Team effort)

3.5.1. Research new networking avenues

3.5.2. Twitter

3.5.3. Pinsinterest

3.5.4. Facebook

3.5.5. Blog

4. Platform

4.1. School Instances

4.1.1. Setting up new instances migration of content populating & categorising user base

4.1.2. Supporting Schools in managing their instances Scoping sessions Questionnaire development & walkthrough

4.2. Scoping of Platform Needs

4.2.1. resesearch innovation in social learning platform design

4.2.2. scope UX enhancement

4.2.3. inquire with teachers and specialists about the needs of educators and learners in UX and functionality design

5. Murillos Leonardo da Vinci Programme

5.1. Placement Management

5.1.1. Research appropriate Host comapnies

5.1.2. Liaise with Host Companies & SRM develop project scope for individual participants

5.1.3. Match Participants to different host companies hold one to ones with individuals to explain scope monitor quality of placement, suggest improvements

5.2. Programme Consulting & Monitoring

5.2.1. Improvement of programme delivery by Partner on the ground contract amendment for tracking of deliverables Documentation of lessons learnt for round 2

5.3. Research for added value opportunities for cultural and language activities for the programme participants

5.4. provision of training materials

5.4.1. Develop Training Materials for preparation Sessions

5.4.2. provision of links to language courses

6. Research & Planning

6.1. Research Higher Level Elements (Grants, educational and safety standards, all types of formal processes the VS needs to go through)

6.2. Relationships

6.2.1. Find potential international partners

6.2.2. Find outstanding SMEs

6.2.3. Find outstanding schools

6.2.4. Find potential new partners

6.3. Find Publishing Avenues

6.4. Plan engagement strategies

6.5. Find and organise presences at educational / tech events

6.6. Plan Licensing Procedure for Localisation & translation

6.7. Plan international partnership models

7. Engagement

7.1. Database

7.1.1. Track & document entire engagement process

7.2. production of Engagement Materials

7.2.1. Update Teacher Checklist

7.2.2. Write Blog Posts for Partner Blogs

7.3. Schools

7.3.1. Collaborate on School's platform requirements

7.3.2. Initial Contact create understanding awake passion

7.3.3. Conversion provide Curriculum Maps and encourage choice of topic motivate plan and hold workshops

7.3.4. Support provide guidelines / tutorials

7.4. SMEs

7.4.1. Initial Contact create understanding awake passion

7.4.2. Conversion provide Curriculum Maps and encourage choice of topic motivate Hold one to one sessions

7.4.3. Support provide guidelines / tutorials

7.5. Higher Level Stakeholders

7.5.1. Scope Partnership models

8. Knowledge Mapping & Documentation

8.1. leaving personnel

8.1.1. Capture their knowledge

8.1.2. Make it available in a structured form to relevant personnel

8.2. internal process mapping

8.2.1. Scope new functionality on Fuse

8.3. document Team Processes

8.4. Scheduling (Bi-weeklies)

9. Training

9.1. Knowledge Management

9.1.1. Media library Find Resource Databanks for re-use in Virtual School videos

9.2. Manage Volunteer Contributions to the VS Core TEam