TEDGlobal 2012 Jonathan Trent

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TEDGlobal 2012 Jonathan Trent により Mind Map: TEDGlobal 2012 Jonathan Trent

1. What

1.1. Not only does Jonathan Trent grow algae for biofuel, he wants to do so by cleansing wastewater and trapping carbon dioxide in the process. And it’s all solar‐powered.

2. Limits of fossil fuels

2.1. possible to produce biofuels..

2.1.1. that can compete with natural resources

2.1.2. but not with agriculture

2.2. Why micro biology?

2.2.1. Can bring way more than alternatives

2.3. Why offshore?

2.3.1. There is no choice

2.3.2. algae

3. How does it work?

3.1. treated wastewater

3.2. wastewater nutrients

3.3. co2

3.4. oxygen

3.5. biofuels/fertilizer

4. What can we do to see if it's real?

4.1. Lab with big sea water tanks to test ideas

4.2. impact of the structure in marina evironment

4.3. Photo by reactors

4.3.1. built loads of designs

4.3.2. many failed

4.3.3. But one worked

4.3.4. steps take wastater trough structure circulate algae grows of nutruints they produce oxygen and co2 how to remove co2? algae settle in the column We harvest that settle algae New node

4.4. How to build it on huge scale

4.4.1. Economic structure?

4.4.2. not easy now

4.4.3. but we don't have a lot of time

4.4.4. difficult.. but not if it has multiple purposes market driver competitive with just doing it for fuels

4.5. where are we going to put this?

4.5.1. offshore

4.5.2. San Fran bay example module of 620 acres = less than 1 percent of it's surface

4.6. Integration is key for sustainability

4.6.1. connective engineering

4.7. Can this continue within NASA?

4.7.1. Definitely requires people of the outside

5. Who

5.1. Jonathan Trent

5.2. Scientist

5.3. Biofuel Guru

5.4. Bio, NASA

5.5. OMEGA project

5.5.1. omega offshore membrane enclosures growing algae