Meditation on Rom 5:8 (NWT 2013)

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Meditation on Rom 5:8 (NWT 2013) により Mind Map: Meditation on Rom 5:8 (NWT 2013)

1. But God recommends his love to us in that...

1.1. But

1.1.1. opposite to common sense of verse 7 Very few will die to save the life of another even if the person is a VERY good person THEN someone might be willing but who will die for sinners?

1.2. God

1.2.1. Jehovah

1.2.2. why should he bother with us?

1.2.3. because of his LOVE

1.3. recommends

1.3.1. demonstrates, proves

1.3.2. not talk only

1.4. HIS love

1.4.1. Jehovah IS love

1.4.2. Love is giving of oneself

1.4.3. Love is not performance based

1.5. to us

1.5.1. US, not other things

1.5.2. We are objects of Jehovah's love

1.6. in that

2. ...while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us

2.1. while

2.1.1. not after we become perfect

2.1.2. in our sinful state

2.2. were yet sinners

2.2.1. when we did not care about Him, our Creator

2.2.2. when we were self-centered

2.2.3. you can never have sinned so much that Jehovah would not love you

2.2.4. BECAUSE Jehovah's love is not performance based

2.3. Christ

2.3.1. Jehovah's only-begotten son

2.4. died

2.4.1. willingly left heaven and became a man first Php 2:6-8 Not holding to his status or position Do I have this kind of humility? Do I demand my rights?

2.4.2. to be ridiculed, tortured and humiliated

2.4.3. died on a torture stake

2.5. for us

2.5.1. yes, for ME! that he died

3. What I learned:

3.1. I am...

3.1.1. forgiven In spite of my sinful past When I sin, he shows me mercy Heb 4:16

3.1.2. loved by Jehovah

3.1.3. a child of God Eph 5:1 "Be imitators of God as beloved children" w08 10/1

3.2. I rejoice...

3.2.1. saved from Jehovah's wrath Rom 5:9

3.2.2. I am saved by Jesus life Rom 5:10

3.3. I am certain...

3.3.1. Jehovah loves me as I am BUT loves me too much to leave me as I am

3.3.2. His undeserved kindness and love empowers me to overcome sinning Rom 5:20

3.3.3. I am like him Rom 8:29 "Jesus is the pattern" 1 Pet 2:21 "model to follow closely" Eph 2:10 "We are Jehovah's handiwork" *product of His work

4. Act of LOVE

5. Jesus loves me

6. What I'm applying:

6.1. Be generous with my affections

6.2. Don't hold grudges, forgive freely

6.3. Treat others as superior

6.4. Keep working on being humble

6.5. Prove myself grateful by my actions

6.6. Matt 7:12 "treat others as I want to be treated"

6.7. Praise Jehovah for His loving kindness


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