Perspectives on Language and Discourse

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Perspectives on Language and Discourse により Mind Map: Perspectives on Language and Discourse

1. Language

1.1. System or Structure

1.1.1. Former formalist framework Linguistics expression can be treated in abstracto.

1.2. Discourse, practice or communication

1.2.1. Funcionalist paradigm It is necessary to take context into account.

2. Discourse

2.1. Individuals' use of language as interactions in context

2.1.1. Includes accompanying paralinguistics signals and embedding contexts.

2.1.2. Monologism Discourse in which the voices are not differentiated in a narrative text. Monologue.

2.1.3. Dialogism It takes actions and interactions. Dialogue.

3. The theory of language structure

3.1. Defines various linguistics units as expression types

3.1.1. With abstract syntactic and associated semantic representation.

4. Linell defines Dialogue as

4.1. Roughly interaction through symbolic means by mutually co-present individuals.

4.1.1. Talk-in-Interaction.

5. Representations of dialogues in writing

5.1. Like dialogues in drama plays or novels.

5.2. Transcripts of spoken interaction.

6. Couch proposes a taxonomy and partial hierarchy of “elements forms” of social activity

6.1. Autocratic activity

6.2. Chase

6.3. Conflict

6.4. Competition

6.5. Social panic

6.6. Accomodation

6.7. Mutuality

6.8. Cooperation