Here’s What You Should Do With Your Annoying Friends

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Here’s What You Should Do With Your Annoying Friends により Mind Map: Here’s What You Should Do With Your Annoying Friends

1. The Case For Not Ending A Friendship

1.1. The advice of “cut friends out of your life who are draining” is a pretty shitty advice.

1.2. It’s sort of like refusing to throw someone a life raft.

1.3. The implications of looking out for yourself means you won’t be looking out for someone else.

1.4. What if they drown? What if they go through some serious shit because you are no longer there for them?

1.5. It’s not right to just let someone drown.

2. The Case For Ending A Bad Friendship

2.1. If you're in a bad relationship, will you never end it, but get married, and take that discomfort with you to the grave?

2.2. Paying too much mind to someone else’s happiness is a bad thing. They can get used to it. They can take advantage of you.

2.3. You can’t take care of anybody if you’re not first taking care of yourself.

2.4. Some people are just suckers.

2.4.1. They suck your time. They suck your energy. They suck your happiness. They’re selfish.

2.4.2. And when it comes time to reciprocate, there’s just not much there.

2.5. There’s a lot of grey area

2.5.1. Some friends suck your time but they’re still good people.

2.5.2. Others only suck your time and give nothing in return.

3. I Want You To Eliminate Bad Friends From Your Life, But..

3.1. If you’re really about to cut a friend out of your life, do them the honor of telling them why.

3.2. Give them one last chance, maybe. Air out all your grievances.

3.3. Blindsiding someone you care about isn’t as easy as just never talking to them again

3.3.1. But our goal as humans should be to help other human beings evolve.

3.4. How can these people ever change if nobody ever tells them what’s wrong?

3.5. Be honest and give them a chance to change. And if they don’t, then good riddance.