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Philosophy により Mind Map: Philosophy

1. Post Modernism

1.1. Postmodernism is a philosophical and artistic era that often grapples with the failure of art and philosophy to understand existentialism and ontology.

1.1.1. Existentialism: Philosophy considers relationships between free will and agency in a radically irrational universe. Grief of choice What is the purpose of being?

1.1.2. Ontology: the study of what ‘being’ means. What ‘is’ actually ‘is’. What is the fabric of being?

1.1.3. How do we experience ‘realness’? The pain of being alive is rarely communicated through writing Failure of expression

1.1.4. In Literature, Postmodernism relies on the following tenants: Meta-narrative: commenting on story telling Fractured textuality : Patching together work and art from various places Comments on other tools such as simulacra and hyper-realities.