How do my actions create significance?

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How do my actions create significance? により Mind Map: How do my actions create significance?

1. Philosophy

2. Math

3. Significance

4. Action

5. Change

6. Science

7. Map Key:

7.1. Each subtopic is linked to a separate page that will display that portion of the map. Press the arrow symbol next to the section heading to see the map. To return to this page, either press the same arrow symbol on the main portion of the new map or return to this tab.

7.1.1. In each section, the headings that are in this color blue contain material that is included in my response. Text boxes that are in white display information that I include in my process log, but not in my response.

7.1.2. Text boxes will occasionally display a bulls-eye like symbol at either the bottom right or left hand corner of the text box. If you click on the symbol it will display additional information. Note the bullseye in the bottom right corner. This is an example.