CASH In - How To Profit from Selling Information

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CASH In - How To Profit from Selling Information により Mind Map: CASH In - How To  Profit from Selling Information

1. The $100 Million Man

1.1. Speaking

1.1.1. FREE For Experience JV CEO Space Tony Robbins Bob Proctor

1.1.2. Keynotes

1.1.3. Seminars Money Mastery PWP Sales Mastery Bootcamp Sponsored Seminar Seminar FREE Previews Chairman's Club The Wealth Lab The Advice Agency Symposium

1.2. Training

1.3. Coaching

1.3.1. 1 on 1 Attilla

1.3.2. Groups MissingLink

1.4. Affiliate

1.4.1. SGR Club 92,000 affiliates in 9 weeks

1.5. Continuity

1.5.1. MissingLink $500 Month

1.5.2. 6Minutes $40 Month

1.6. Consulting

1.6.1. Profit Sharing Clare Mann Jean Reeves James Burgess

1.6.2. YOUnique $1.6 Million + Profit

1.6.3. My True Mind $750,000 +25%

1.7. Philosophy

1.7.1. Fastest Path to Biggest Cash

1.7.2. High / Low Price

1.7.3. Stay Away From... Traditional Publishing Bookstores Book Signings Low end Low probabilites

1.8. Product

1.8.1. HSC Publish Your Way to Profit Sales Mastery The Millionaire Mindset SGR

1.9. Franchising

1.10. Licensing

1.10.1. Tale of Two Websites

1.10.2. Spanish Millionaire Mindset

1.11. MLM

1.11.1. Nikken First Check

1.11.2. FCC NWTS Sponsored Seminar System


2.1. Find the P.0.

2.1.1. Change Markets Dr. Spinozzi Christian Warren

2.1.2. Make $$$ Dr. Tad Geiger Anne Lim Davidde Ong

2.1.3. Credibility Monaghans

2.1.4. Press Anita Jackson Karen Russo Dr. Stuart Linder Karen Hagberg Cynthia Barnett

2.1.5. Generate Leads John Salton Rosieta Shaary

2.1.6. Differentiation Jean Ann Dorrel

2.1.7. Authority Paul Fox

2.1.8. Recruiting Super Dave Oddmund Berger Pete Coussa Major Mohan

2.1.9. Sell to Groups James Burgess Jean Reeves

2.1.10. Find a Job Sze Poon Seng

2.1.11. Boost Image Chris Snook

2.1.12. Speak to Industry Dickie Lim

2.2. Find the T.Pop

2.3. Find the N/P with the biggest profit potential

2.4. Develop Product Continum

2.4.1. Think Beyond Susan Harley After Conference Event Profit-Sharing Party Plan

2.4.2. Start with a book 8 Steps WAB The Advice Agency Symposium

2.4.3. Develop product range

2.5. Create Your Persona

2.5.1. Media Kit

2.5.2. Photos

2.5.3. Collateral Marketing Materials Postcards PHN Interview Campaign FREE Book Website One Pager Recycled Media Order Forms Signature Banner Model James Burgess Clare Mann Jean Reeves Letterhead James Burgess My Letterhead Business Cards Clare Mann James Burgess

2.6. Write

2.6.1. What to write about?

3. The Instant Authority Conference

3.1. 5 Full Days of Training and DOING

3.1.1. Tangibles Design and Print Collateral Marketing Materials Postcards One Pager Recycled Media Order Forms Signature Banner Model Letterhead Business Cards Write Agreements Coaching Speaking Consulting Corporate Training Seminar Conduct Professional Photoshoot Provide Media Training Conduct TV Interview Setup Your Squeeze Page Setup Followup Sequence Setup Your Email Response Sytem Minimum of 20 Endorsements from Authors Record Endorsement Video Setup Your Blog Setup Your Automated Newsletter Setup Your Book Our Licensed Book Book Cover Designed Private Files 17 Binders Full 47 DVDs

3.2. Investment

3.2.1. $30,000 50/50 - Pricing Deposit - $15,000 Balance from Profits