Undergraduate Research

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Undergraduate Research により Mind Map: Undergraduate Research

1. How in Ireland

1.1. UG Awards

1.2. REL Learning

1.2.1. Research Seminars

1.2.2. UG Research Conference - Reflections on 2010 & 2011 Aims vs. awards? Sustainability? 1. opportunity to experience conference from research to the day 2. UG meet peers and gain insights into research across disciplines 3. Inform & inspire UG to take next steps Design & Intentions Oral and Poster Presentations DIT Catering involvement Reviews and Feedback Chair intructions Strands / Interdisciplinary crossover Evaluations 2010 2011 Challenges? Recommendations Identify existing courses with research elements and support. Connect with other courses interested in developing and help them get started? Next Steps 2012 Involve Student Learning bodies in promoting conference, materials and potentially delivering research skill conferences Pathway 1. 3rd/4th year projects 2. Be Inspired: Research Seminars 3. Publish (UG Awards) 4. Present / Network / Motivation (UG Conference?)

2. Why Undergraduate Research?

2.1. What is evidence for need?

2.2. What purpose does it serve?

3. How?

3.1. Best Practice?

4. Key Message?

4.1. 1. Interdisciplinary

4.2. 2. Research by Students, 4 Students

4.3. 3. Reflections on the development of a (model for a ) National Undergraduate Research Conference