Id, Ego, Superego

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Id, Ego, Superego により Mind Map: Id, Ego, Superego

1. Ego

1.1. Careers: Teacher

1.2. Heroes: Robin Hood

1.3. TV Programs: History Channel

1.4. Countries: United States

1.5. Hana personal experience: When I sometimes go to the elderly care facility, I go there to take care of the eldery for the community, but it is also for college credit and to help me become a medical doctor someday which shows both sides of myself incorporated in one action.

2. Id

2.1. Career: Model

2.2. Heroes: Michelangelo(TMNT)

2.3. TV Program: Man vs. Food

2.4. Countries: North Korea

2.5. Sophie personal experience: Last year on my birthday, I was very greedy and wanted a lot of things that I really didn't need, which was an action dominated by id.

3. Superego

3.1. Career: Environmentalist

3.2. Heroes: Superman

3.3. TV Program: Animal Planet

3.4. Countries: Spain

3.5. Sophie personal experience: Last week, I volunteered at the HPMG Kaiser Martin Luther King Jr. Make a Difference day at Wilson elementary. I did this for the better of the community, which shows the superego side to my personality.