smart & digital platform + community for protecting forests and natural ecosystems

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1. Basic elements

1.1. facts & development

1.1.1. Where are we? Natural ecosystems in carbon cycle biodiversity living environment

1.1.2. metrics

1.1.3. situation globally locally in each ones country

1.1.4. deforestation legal illegal

1.2. public awareness

1.2.1. Education

1.2.2. Social media

1.2.3. Mass media

1.3. engagement

1.3.1. How can we altogether raise engagment

1.4. protection projects and support

1.4.1. NGOs fundraising

1.4.2. national law

1.4.3. civil engagement information/ education donation

2. smart & creative & digital empowerment

2.1. social media

2.1.1. digital engagement

2.2. digital content

2.2.1. distribution on all channel

2.3. eCommerce strategies

2.4. central platform/ marketplace

2.4.1. connecting community members

2.5. toplevel digital brand management

2.5.1. Knowing where to look for

2.6. AI

2.7. Workflows

2.7.1. standard

2.7.2. automized fundraising

2.8. online community/ platform

2.8.1. single point of entry

2.8.2. individual engagement volunteer

2.8.3. corporate/ business engagement professional campaigning pro bono service

2.9. big data

2.10. open data

2.11. data visualization

2.12. Story telling

2.13. User Jouney

2.14. user expeience

2.15. Hacking

2.15.1. gowth hacking

2.15.2. solution hacking

2.16. Open Source

3. MVP campaign "Sacred headwater"

3.1. Campaigning in Germany

3.2. campagning in other countries

4. Examples for possible modules

4.1. For the folling ideas are now to challenged if related stakeholders are interesteted?

4.2. "Shout out your stewardship project idea" - find fellow team members + supporters - get feedback from anykind of related stakeholders

4.3. platform / marketplace NGO/Initiatives project matchmaking for unpaid support (pro bono or volunteer)

4.3.1. Companies and Executives supporting the Good with their expertise

4.4. Tool creating a patch for donaators and connecting donator to a project

4.4.1. similar like

4.4.2. Connecting the donator visibly to a project and establishing a relation

4.5. Shortmovie plattform of Earth-alive-stewardship

4.5.1. Stories of Earth-alive-Stewardship How do men celebrate, respect, protect and foster life we a men are embedded in Stories worth to tell... Complete heroes journeys challenges, wins and fails anekdotes

4.5.2. collecting, curating, producing private clips using unused material from NGO professional production

4.5.3. Yearly Compilation + youtube chanel + community area...of short films Earth-alive - stories of stewardship Short documentaries 1- x minutes

4.6. Global map viewer of stakeholder activities as layers (heat map?)

4.6.1. map viewer + discussion forum - map showing different perspectives from different stakeholders as seperate layers and offereing a community to discuss the findings Science... e.g deforestation Showing Nature parks etc certicated areas Administration NGOs Citizen

4.6.2. continental deforestation degradation reforestation

4.6.3. oceanic overfishing dead zones acidity level

4.7. Involving e-games and gamification

4.7.1. rough ideas exist...

4.8. What other ideas do you have?

5. Supporting Social media / online activiies

5.1. Facebook site and or group

6. (Kick off) Event at factory on July 11th 12th as kick off

6.1. Berlin startups and Indigenous People: Alliance for Rainforest

7. Links

7.1. ArcGIS Web Application

7.1.1. wwf Amazon Deforestation Fronts 2013

7.2. Vegetation

7.2.1. NASA Maps

7.3. The devastating consequences of deforestation | Climate Change - The Facts

7.4. Quantifying Global Forest Cover Change | GLAD

7.5. Browser Not Supported | Global Forest Watch

7.6. A New Tool Can Help Root Out Deforestation From Complex Supply Chains | Global Forest Watch Blog

8. Exising examples for startups and projects

8.1. Topia

8.1.1. Blockchain based NGO support

8.2. Plan A

8.2.1. Data based project crowd funding

8.3. Ecosia

8.3.1. Search Engine that plants trees