Dark Souls 2 Goals

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Dark Souls 2 Goals により Mind Map: Dark Souls 2 Goals

1. Blind Playthrough

2. 100% Playthrough

2.1. Do Everything in All Areas

2.1.1. Things Betwixt

2.1.2. Majula

2.1.3. Forest of Fallen Giants

2.1.4. Heide's Tower of Flame

2.1.5. No-Man's Wharf

2.1.6. The Pit / Grave of Saints

2.1.7. The Lost Bastille / Belfry Luna

2.1.8. Huntsman's Copse / Undead Purgatory

2.1.9. Harvest Valley

2.1.10. Earthen Peak

2.1.11. The Gutter

2.1.12. Black Gulch

2.1.13. Iron Keep / Belfry Sol

2.1.14. Shaded Woods

2.1.15. Doors of Pharos

2.1.16. Brightstone Cove Tselfora

2.1.17. Sinner's Rise / Shrine of Winter

2.1.18. Drangleic Castle / King's Passage

2.1.19. Shrine of Amana

2.1.20. Undead Crypt

2.1.21. Aldia's Keep

2.1.22. Dragon Aerie

2.1.23. Dragon Shrine

2.1.24. Memory of Orro

2.1.25. Memory of Jeigh

2.1.26. Memory of Vammar

2.1.27. King Vendrick

2.1.28. Ancient Dragon Memories

2.1.29. Throne of Want

2.1.30. Miscellaneous Tasks

2.1.31. Dark Chasm of Old

2.1.32. New Game Plus Preparation

2.2. Collect One of Every Item/Weapon/Armor/Spell/Etc.

2.2.1. Weapons Daggers Dagger Royal Dirk Black Flamestone Dagger Parrying Dagger Bandit's Knife Bytha's Bent Blade Shadow Dagger Thief Dagger Broken Thief Sword Manikin Knife Umbral Dagger Blue Dagger Retainer's Short Sword Straight Swords Shortsword Longsword Yellow Quartz Longsword Black Dragon Sword Broken Straight Sword Broadsword Foot Soldier Sword Varangian Sword Heide Knight Sword Blue Flame Red Rust Sword Sun Sword Drakekeeper's Sword Puzzling Stone Sword Ashen Warrior Sword Fume Sword Possessed Armor Sword Ivory Straight Sword Greatswords Bastard Sword Bluemoon Greatsword Claymore Flamberge Drangleic Sword Thorned Greatsword Moonlight Greatsword Mastodon Greatsword Ruler's Sword Mirrah Greatsword Old Mirrah Greatsword Black Dragon Greatsword Black Knight Greatsword Royal Greatsword Old Knight Greatsword Defender Greatsword Watcher Greatsword Key to the Embedded Drakeblood Greatsword Majestic Greatsword Charred Loyce Greatsword Loyce Greatsword Greatsword of the Forlorn Ultra Greatswords Pursuer's Ultra Greatsword Zweihander Drakewing Ultra Greatsword King's Ultra Greatsword Drakekeeper's Ultra Greatsword Old Knight Ultra Greatsword Black Knight Ultra Greatsword Greatsword Smelter Sword Crypt Blacksword Lost Sinner's Sword Fume Ultra Greatsword Aged Smelter Sword Ivory King Ultra Greatsword Curved Swords Scimitar Red Rust Scimitar Spider Fang Melu Scimitar Monastary Scimitar Falchion Shotel Warped Sword Manikin Sabre Eleum Loyce Katanas Uchigatana Washing Pole Chaos Blade Blacksteel Katana Manslayer Berserker Blade Darkdrift Bewitched Alonne Sword Curved Greatswords Murakumo Arced Sword Curved Dragon Greatsword Curved Nil Greatsword Piercing Swords Estoc Mail Breaker Rapier Ricard's Rapier Chaos Rapier Black Scorpion Stinger Spider's Silk Espada Ropera Ice Rapier Axes Dragonslayer's Crescent Axe Bound Hand Axe Hand Axe Battle Axe Bandit Axe Infantry Axe Gyrm Axe Butcher's Knife Great Axes Greataxe Bandit Greataxe Lion Greataxe Giant Stone Axe Gyrm Greataxe Black Dragon Greataxe Black Knight Greataxe Drakekeeper's Greataxe Crescent Axe Hammers Homunculus Mace Craftman's Hammer Mace Club Morning Star Reinforced Club Mace of the Insolent Handmaid's Ladle Blacksmith's Hammer Black Dragon Warpick Aldia Hammer Barbed Club Great Hammers Large Club Great Club Gyrm Great Hammer Iron King Hammer Malformed Shell Malformed Skull Dragon Tooth Giant Warrior Club Demon's Great Hammer Archdrake Mace Old Knight Hammer Drakekeeper's Great Hammer Sacred Chime Hammer Drakekeeper's Warpick Pickaxe Sanctum Mace Smelter Hammer Fist & Claws Caestus Claws Malformed Claws Manikin Claws Work Hook Bone Fist Spears Winged Spear Partizan Spear Pike Stone Soldier Spear Silverback Spear Heide Spear Pate's Spear Channeler's Trident Spitfire Spear Dragonslayer Spear Gargoyle Bident Pilgrim's Spontoon Yorgh's Spear Halberds Dragonrider's Halberd Halberd Lucerne Scythe Mastodon Halberd Santier's Spear Blue Knight's Halberd Old Knight's Halberd Old Knight Pike Syan's Halberd Black Knight Halberd Roaring Halberd Helix Halberd Wrathful Axe Lances Heide Lance Heide Greatlance Grand Lance Chariot Lance Rampart Golem Lance Reapers Crescent Sickle Great Scythe Silverback Sickle Great Machete Full Moon Sickle Scythe of Nahr Alma Bone Scythe Scythe of Want Scythe of the Forlorn Twinblades Twinblade Stone Twinblade Dragonrider Twinblade Red Iron Twinblade Curved Twinblade Sorcerer's Twinblade Whips Whip Notched Whip Bloodied Whip Spotted Whip Old Whip Bows Short Bow Long Bow Composite Bow Sea Bow Dragonrider Bow Bell Keeper Bow Bow of Want Hunter's Blackbow Greatbows Alonne Greatbow Dragonslayer Greatbow Possessed Armor Greatbow Twin-Headed Greatbow Crossbows Light Crossbow Heavy Crossbow Shield Crossbow Avelyn Sanctum Repeating Crossbow Sanctum Crossbow Flames Pyromancy Flame Dark Pyromancy Flame Chimes Cleric's Sacred Chime Witchtree Bellvine Priest's Chime Dragon Chime Chime of Want Archdrake Chime Idol's Chime Caitha's Chime Protective Chime Disc Chime Chime of Screams Staves Witchtree Branch Lizard Staff Transgressor's Staff Sorcerer's Staff Staff of Amana Olenford's Staff Archdrake Staff Bat Staff Bone Staff Staff of Wisdom Sunset Staff Black Witch's Staff Azal's Staff Retainer Staff

2.2.2. Shields Small Shields Buckler Small Leather Shield Target Shield Crimson Parma Iron Parma Foot Soldier Shield Manikin Shield Golden Falcon Shield Benhart's Parma Llewellyn Shield Cleric's Parma Cleric's Small Shield Magic Shield Cursed Bone Shield Varangian Shield Watcher's Shield Pheonix Parma Sunlight Parma Transgressor's Leather Shield Standard Shields Large Leather Shield Blue Wooden Shield Silver Eagle Kite Shield Old Knight's Shield Lion Clan Shield Archdrake Shield Mirrah Shield Drangleic Shield King's Shield Spirit Tree Shield Golden Wing Shield Moon Butterfly Shield Shield of the Insolent Silverback Shield Stone Parma Grand Spirit Tree Shield Slumbering Dragon Shield Chaos Shield Wooden Shield Hollow Soldier Shield Royal Kite Shield Bone Shield Drakekeeper's Shield Porcine Shield Bell Keeper Shield Red Rust Shield Defender's Shield Black Dragon Shield Watchdragon Parma Blossom Kite Shield Black Flamestone Parma Yellow Quartz Shield Bound Wooden Shield Hommunculus Wooden Shield Loyce Shield Greatshields Twin Dragon Greatshield Tower Shield Gyrm Greatshield Old Knight Greatshield Greatshield of Glory Drakekeeper's Greatshield Pate's Shield Mastodon Greatshield Havel's Greatshield Pursuer's Greatshield Reeve's Greatshield Orma's Greatshield Dragonrider Greatshield King's Mirror Rebel's Greatshield Wicked Eye Greatshield DLC Shields Sactum Shield Loyce Shield Charred Loyce Shield Rampart Golem Shield Vessel Shield

2.2.3. Armor Sets Agdayne's Set Alonne Captain Set Alonne Knight Set Alva Set Archdrake Set Astrologist's Set Aurous Set Bandit Set Benhart's Set Black Dragon set Black Hollow Mage Set Black Leather Set Black Set Black Witch Set Bone King Set Brigand Set Cale's Set Catarina Set Chaos Set Creighton's Set Dark Set Desert Sorceress Set Dingy Set Dragon Acolyte Set Dragonrider Set Drakekeeper Set Drangleic Set Elite Knight Set Executioner Set Falconer Set Faraam Set Forlorn Set Grave Warden Set Gyrm Set Hard Leather Set Havel's Set Heide Knight Set Hexer's Set Hollow Infantry Set Hollow Soldier Set Hunter/Leather Set Imperious Set Imported Set Infantry Set Insolent Set Jester's Set Judgement Set King's Set Knight Set Leydia Black Set Leydia White Set Lion Mage Set Lion Warrior Set Llewellyn Set Looking Glass Set Lucatiel's Set Mad Warrior Set Manikin Set Mastodon Set Monastery Set Moon Butterfly Set Nahr Alma Set Old Ironclad Set Old Knight Set Pate's Set Peasant Set Penal Set Priestess Set Prisoner's Set Pyromancer Set Rogue Set Royal Soldier Set Royal Swordsman Set Ruin Set Rusted Mastodon Set Saint's Set Shadow Set Smelter Demon Set Steel Set Syan's Set Targray's Set Throne Defender Set Throne Watcher Set Traveling Merchant Set Tseldora Set Varangian Set Velstadt's Set Wanderer Set White Hollow Mage Set White Preist Set Xanthous Set DLC Armor Crown of the Sunken King Crown of the Old Iron King Crown of the Ivory King Armors

2.2.4. Spells Sorceries Soul Arrow Great Soul Arrow Heavy Soul Arrow Great Heavy Soul Arrow Homing Soul Arrow Heavy Homing Soul Arrow Homing Soul Mass Homing Crystal Soul Mass Soul Spear Crystal Soul Spear Shockwave Soul Spear Barrage Soul Shower Soul Greatsword Soul Vortex Soul Bolt Soul Geyser Magic Weapon Great Magic Weapon Crystal Magic Weapon Strong Magic Shield Yearn Hush Fall Control Hidden Weapon Repair Cast Light Chameleon Unleash Magic Focus Souls Soul Flash Pyromancies Fireball Fire Orb Great Fireball Great Chaos Fireball Firestorm Fire Tempest Chaos Storm Combustion Great Combustion Fire Whip Poison Mist Toxic Mist Acid Surge Lingering Flame Flame Swathe Forbidden Sun Flame Weapon Flash Sweat Iron Flesh Warmth Immolation Outcry Dance of Fire Fire Snake Miracles Heal Med Heal Great Heal Excerpt Great Heal Soothing Sunlight Replenishment Resplendent Life Bountiful Sunlight Caressing Prayer Force Wrath of the Gods Emit Force Heavenly Thunder Lightning Spear Great Lightning Spear Sunlight Spear Soul Appease Blinding Bolt Magic Barrier Great Magic Barrier Homeward Guidance Sacred Oath Unveil Perseverance Sunlight Blade Denial Splintering Lightning Spear Hexes Dark Orb Dark Hail Dark Fog Affinity Dead Again Dark Weapon Whisper of Despair Repel Twisted Barricade Numbness Scraps of Life Darkstorm Resonant Soul Great Resonant Soul Climax Resonant Flesh Resonant Weapon Lifedrain Patch Profound Still Promised Walk of Peace Dark Greatsword Recollection Dark Dance

2.2.5. Rings Agape Ring Life Ring Chloranthy Ring Royal Soldier's Ring First Dragon Ring Second Dragon Ring Third Dragon Ring Ring of Steel Protection Spell Quartz Ring Flame Quartz Ring Thunder Quartz Ring Dark Quartz Ring Poisonbite Ring Bloodbite Ring Cursebite Ring Bracing Knuckle Ring Ash Knuckle Ring Dispelling Ring Ring of Resistance Ring of Blades Ring of Knowledge Ring of Prayer Stone Ring Red Tearstone Ring Blue Tearstone Ring Ring of Giants Old Leo Ring Ring of Soul Protection Ring of Life Protection Lingering Dragoncrest Ring Clear Bluestone Ring Northern Ritual Band Southern Ritual Band Covetous Gold Serpent Ring Covetous Silver Serpent Ring Ring of the Evil Eye Ring of Restoration Ring of Binding Silvercat Ring Redeye Ring Gower's Ring of Protection Name-Engraved Ring Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring Hawk Ring Old Sun Ring Illusory Ring of a Conqueror Illusory Ring of the Exalted Ring of the Dead Ring of Thorns Delicate String White Ring Ring of Whispers King's Ring Blue Seal Guardian's Seal Crest of Blood Crest of the Rat Bell Keeper's Seal Sun Seal Vanquisher's Seal Ancient Dragon Seal Abyss Seal Lightning Clutch Ring Sorcery Clutch Ring Dark Clutch Ring Fire Clutch Ring Flynn's Ring Ring of the Embedded

2.2.6. Items Consumables Estus Flask Human Effigy Bonfire Ascetic Divine Blessing Lifegem Radiant Lifegem Old Radiant Lifegem Elizabeth Mushroom Green Blossom Poison Moss Monastery Charm Dragon Charm Amber Herb Twilight Herb Wilted Dusk Herb Rouge Water Crimson Water Small Blue Burr Small Yellow Burr Small Orange Burr Common Fruit Dark Troches Red Leech Troches Triclops Snake Troches Aromatic Ooze Dark Pine Resin Gold Pine Resin Charcoal Pine Resin Rotten Pine Resin Bleeding Serum Prism Stone Small Smooth and Silky Stone Smooth and Silky Stone Petrified Something Silver Talisman Flame Butterfly Lloyd's Talisman Rusted Coin Repair Powder Alluring Skull Homeward Bone Simpleton's Spice Skeptic's Spice Estus Flask Shard Sublime Bone Dust Soul Vessel Pharros' Lockstone Fragrant Branch of Yore Goldenfruit Balm Old Growth Balm Blackweed Balm Vine Balm Dried Root Brightbug Smelter Wedge Tools Torch Hello Carving Thank You Carving I'm Sorry Carving Very Good! Carving Rubbish Dragon Head Stone Dragon Torso Stone Darksign Aged Feather Binoculars Petrified Egg Projectiles Throwing Knife Poison Throwing Knife Lacerating Knife Firebomb Black Firebomb Witching Urn Lightning Urn Hexing Urn Dung Pie Corrosive Urn Holy Water Urn Multiplayer Items White Sign Soapstone Small White Soapstone Red Sign Soapstone Bone of Order Black Separation Crystal Cracked Red Eye Orb Cracked Blue Eye Orb Dragon Eye Dried Fingers Crushed Eye Orb Token of Fidelity Token of Spite Sunlight Medal Dragon Scale Rat Tail Champion's Tablet Awestone Seed of a Tree of Giants Keys Undead Lockaway Key Lenigrast's Key Soldier Key Key to King's Passage Bastille Key Iron Key Forgotten Key Brightstone Key Key to the Embedded Antiquated Key Fang Key House Key Tseldora Den Key Aldia Key Eternal Sanctum Key Heavy Iron Key Tower Key Rotunda Lockstone Giant's Kinship Ashen Mist Heart Ladder Miniature Dull Ember Dragon Talon Dragon Stone Scorching Iron Sceptor Frozen Flower Garrison Ward Key Eye of the Priestess Ammunitions Wood Arrow Iron Arrow Fire Arrow Magic Arrow Lightning Arrow Dark Arrow Poison Arrow Lacerating Arrow Iron Great Arrow Lightning Great Arrow Fire Great Arrow Destructive Great Arrow Wood Bolt Heavy Bolt Magic Bolt Lightning Bolt Fire Bolt Dark Bolt Souls Fading Soul Soul of a Lost Undead Large Soul of a Lost Undead Soul of a Nameless Soldier Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier Soul of a Proud Knight Large Soul of a Proud Knight Soul of a Brave Warrior Large Soul of a Brave Warrior Soul of a Hero Soul of a Great Hero Soul of a Giant Boss Souls Soul of the Pursuer Soul of the Last Giant Dragonrider Soul Old Dragonslayer Soul Flexile Sentry Soul Ruin Sentinel Soul Soul of the Lost Sinner Executioner's Chariot Soul Skeleton Lord's Soul Covetous Demon Soul Mytha, the Baneful Queen Soul Smelter Demon Soul Old Iron King Soul Royal Rat Vanguard Soul Soul of the Rotten Scorpioness Najka Soul Royal Rat Authority Soul Soul of the Duke's Dear Freja Looking Glass Knight Soul Demon of Song Soul Soul of Velstadt Soul of the King Guardian Dragon Soul Ancient Dragon Soul Giant Lord Soul Soul of Nashandra Throne Defender Soul Throne Watcher Soul Darklurker Soul Belfry Gargoyle Soul Old Witch Soul Old King Soul Old Dead One Soul Old Paledrake Soul Soul of Elana, Squalid Queen Soul of Sinh, the Slumbering Dragon Soul of Sir Alonne Soul of the Fume Knight Soul of Nadalia, Bride of Ash (Fragment) Soul of Nadalia, Bride of Ash Soul of Aava, the King's Pet Soul of Lud, the King's Pet Soul of Zallen, the King's Pet Soul of the Ivory King Ores Titanite Shard Large Titanite Shard Titanite Chunk Titanite Slab Twinkling Titanite Raw Stone Faintstone Firedrake Stone Boltstone Darknight Stone Poison Stone Bleed Stone Magic Stone Old Mundane Stone Palestone Petrified Dragon Bone Fire Seed

2.3. Complete All Achievements

2.3.1. The Dark Soul

2.3.2. Self Recollection

2.3.3. Supreme Weapon

2.3.4. Gesture Maestro

2.3.5. Master of Sorcery

2.3.6. Master of Miracles

2.3.7. Master of Pyromancy

2.3.8. Master of Hexes

2.3.9. Selfless Giver

2.3.10. This is Dark Souls

2.3.11. King's Ring

2.3.12. Ancient Dragon

2.3.13. The Heir

2.3.14. Last Giant

2.3.15. Sinner's Bonfire

2.3.16. Iron Keep Bonfire

2.3.17. Gulch Bonfire

2.3.18. Brightstone Bonfire

2.3.19. Looking Glass Knight

2.3.20. Vendrick

2.3.21. Brilliant Covenant

2.3.22. Protector Covenant

2.3.23. Sanguinary Covenant

2.3.24. Covenant of the Meek

2.3.25. Gnawing Covenant

2.3.26. Clangorous Covenant

2.3.27. Covenant of Ancients

2.3.28. Covenant of the Fittest

2.3.29. Abysmal Covenant

2.3.30. Curious Map

2.3.31. Change of Clothes

2.3.32. Gathering of Exiles

2.3.33. Moonlight Greatsword

2.3.34. Holder of the Fort

2.3.35. Lucatiel

2.3.36. Smith for Life

2.3.37. Garrulous Miser

2.3.38. Reflections on Disembodiment

2.4. All Covenant Rewards Acquired

2.4.1. Bell Keepers

2.4.2. Blue Sentinels

2.4.3. Brotherhood of Blood

2.4.4. Rat King Covenant

2.4.5. Dragon Remnants

2.4.6. Way of Blue

2.4.7. Company of Champions

2.4.8. Pilgrims of Dark

2.4.9. Heirs of the Sun

2.5. Collect All Estus Flask Shards

2.6. Max Out Estus Flask to +5

2.7. Kill Every Boss At Least Once