Use do make and do

Make and do

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Use do make and do により Mind Map: Use do make and do

1. MAKE is used for activities in that you create something that you can touch, a physical object and to make decisions

1.1. I have made a birthiday cake for my sister

1.2. Carlos is trying to make me angry

1.3. She made plans to go out

1.4. Hugo is funny, He always make me laugh

1.5. Please could you make a cup of tea?

1.6. Who is going to make the breakfast?

1.7. I would like to make a trip to France

1.8. My boss has to make a speech for a meeting

1.9. We have to make decisions every day of our lives

1.10. We need more sugar to make the cookies

1.11. I made a mistake in falling in love with him

1.12. They make a choice for visit Germany or Spain in vacations

1.13. I made my favorite breakfast today

1.14. My make a plan for today is study english all morning

1.15. My make decision is to study engineer financial

2. Is used for actions, activities and works and homework

2.1. I did My crossword in 10 minutes

2.2. Luisa always does her homework on time

2.3. I have nothing to do tomorrow

2.4. Hey Sarah, don't forget to do your nails

2.5. We have to do the shopping

2.6. My sister hates doing housework

2.7. Can you do the washing up today?

2.8. This year I want to do an Italian food course

2.9. Mary has to do the laundry every Monday

2.10. I do running daily in the park

2.11. Luis today did the job of english

2.12. I had to do the shopping in the morning

2.13. What are you doing here?

2.14. I like doing interesting things like, the paraglider

2.15. He's do working from home

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