INSDSG 602 Learning Theories

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INSDSG 602 Learning Theories により Mind Map: INSDSG 602 Learning Theories

1. An Introduction to Learning Theories.

1.1. Behaviorism

1.1.1. Pavlov's Dog Classical Conditioning Associative Learning

1.1.2. B.F. Skinner's Operant Conditioning Punishment & Reward Positive & Negative Reinforcement Instrumental Conditioning

1.2. Cognitivism

1.2.1. The Brain as Computer The "Black Box"

1.2.2. Memory, Remembering Recall, Recognition, Relearning Amnesia Clive Wearing

1.3. Constructivism

1.3.1. Social Constructivism Shakespeare Example Reality Constructed by activity Knowledge Human Product Learning Social Process Intersubjectivity Social Context

1.3.2. Jerome Bruner Enactive Action Iconic Image Symbolic Language Bruner vs. Vykotsky Scaffolding or ZPD Bruner vs. Piaget Children are: Pre-adapted to learning Natural Curiosity Cognitive Structures Develop over Time Learning happens through active participation.

1.4. Connectivism

1.4.1. George Siemens Digital Age Learning Connect Information Collaborate beyond classroom

1.4.2. Diversity of Opinions Debate Knowledge is Expanding Perspectives Connection