Persona - Empathy Map re Persona

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Persona - Empathy Map re Persona により Mind Map: Persona - Empathy Map re Persona

1. "Mai" (Customer Persona)

1.1. Demographic

1.1.1. only child, 19, supported by family. will be responsible for helping family business, graduated from quality HS, excellent grades in math and science

1.2. Geographic

1.2.1. from Xi'an, traveled to other major cities in China, Korea

2. What s/he thinks, feels values re key job(s)

2.1. thinks

2.1.1. about ways to learn more effectively

2.2. feels

2.2.1. a little disappointed in her top flight uni

2.2.2. determed to succeed anyway

2.3. values

2.3.1. doing well on exams

2.3.2. getting job opportunities

2.3.3. helping family during and after uni

2.3.4. becoming computer literate

2.3.5. becoming "global"

3. What s/he sees, hears, does ("jobs")

3.1. sees

3.1.1. 10,000s of other smart students

3.1.2. huge classes

3.1.3. professors often missing class

3.1.4. grad students teaching huge classes

3.2. hears

3.2.1. profs are busy doing research trying to network with mgmt both

3.2.2. exams are difficult because govt. is raising standards for unis many profs don't know/care about new standards

3.2.3. class work often doesn't help with exams

3.2.4. good grades don't always mean a good job since glut of grads means employers can pick based on life experience also

3.3. does

3.3.1. tries to meet and work w/classmates she thinks are smart

3.3.2. tries to use univ. resources in person

3.3.3. tries online learning from uni, home, and internet cafes