US History Lessons Learned

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US History Lessons Learned により Mind Map: US History Lessons Learned

1. ***Civil Rights*** To what extent have the oppressed in America been able to attain an equality of life?

1.1. Women's right movement

1.1.1. Women from all around our country were not happy with there role in society being the quiet housewife who stayed home and did house chores all day, so they fought for there rights and they earned the right to vote and get jobs

1.2. ***Leaders and Presidents*** What makes an effective or ineffective leader?

1.2.1. great depression When economic times are tough, people like a leader who will help them through it, Like FDR as opposed to someone who will just ignore their struggles like Hoover did

1.2.2. Civil rights Even though MLK and Malcom X were killed, their idea's haven't gone away.

1.2.3. Vietnam War If you are leading a country, and you go against popular demand, you will be very disliked by the majority of the country. This happened When Nixon was president and he let the war draw out for as long as he did, even though even soldiers protested it.

1.3. World War 2

1.3.1. When leaders go unchallenged, they will continue without being stopped, and will continue to commit crimes and destroy humanity

1.4. civil rights movement (assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.)

1.4.1. When a national hero, who is trying to make a breakthrough on a controversial topic, and that person is killed, people will become extremely angry and distraught, and will most likely in response act out violently. ( Specifically in the civil rights movement, with MLK's assassination, the black panthers were started, and acted violently when attacked by whites)

2. ***Technology*** How does technology impact society?

2.1. Invention of the radio

2.1.1. The invention of the radio helped people find information easier, and helped with the spread and popularity of jazz music World war I technology kept on advancing. It had a huge impact on the style of warfare

2.2. World war II

2.2.1. the atomic bombs brought good and bad impacts on our society. although it killed hundreds, it was the fastest way to bring the war to an end.

2.3. 1920s

2.3.1. The invention of credit, most people loved credit but didn't know they were putting banks in debt leading up to the great depression later on

2.4. JFK/ TV

2.4.1. JFK used TV to get people to like him and vote for him. Every president since then has used TV to help promote their campaign during elections.

3. *** Migration*** What causes migration and how has it impacted America?

3.1. d

3.1.1. When people colonize in condensed area,

3.2. great depression

3.2.1. Mass amounts of people migrating for the same reason can cause issues. (Dust Bowl.)

3.3. Migration

3.3.1. When a lot of people at once are trying to migrate at once, many people will be forced to stay, while only a few will leave, and only a few will leave, like when the jew's tried to escape from Hitler, to safe places, but they couldn't leave because of German and other countries rules.

4. ***Government*** What is the role and responsibility of the American Government

4.1. Prohibition

4.1.1. When the government took away something that many Americans loved (alcohol) They still made, sold, and distributed it illegally It is very expensive for the government to regulate the legal sale of drugs. Crime increased tremendously when they took drugs away

4.2. great depressiopn

4.2.1. the government gave people jobs, which was new When a countries economy crashes, the government should get involved to help rebuild the country and its economy. In the great depression, FDR made different programs with the government for the people, which helped supply people with jobs, and pull us out of the depression.

4.3. World war 2

4.4. Red scare

4.4.1. During the red scare, people listened to some one in a powerful position in government over them accuse people of being communist, and that tons of people were. If someone with Credibility makes a claim, people will be misguided and become paranoid The government has to make sure that the threat they are taking on is real. This isn't the only time the government got caught up in creating fear.

4.5. The great society

4.5.1. When the government cuts taxes+ creates large social programs, government debt increases.

4.6. civil rights (black panthers)

4.6.1. When you start a non violent movement, like what MLK was trying to push through for the civil rights, you will get the governments support, but if you turn to violence and turn against the whole country sort of like what the black panthers did, the government will stop defending them and begin to start against them.

5. ***Media*** To what extent does the the media influence people and what extent does it mirror or reflect society?

5.1. World war 2

5.1.1. We learned that the media is very influential to the public and Hitler used it to his advantage

5.2. cold war

5.2.1. due to the mass media of the red scare, it was easy to spread fear.

5.3. JFK 's assassination

5.3.1. When a traumatic event occurs that is not understood by the people, they will begin to spread rumors, and make up conspiracy theories to explain the situation

5.4. Civil rights

5.4.1. Emmett Till was murdered. His mom had an open casket, and media showed the body so the nation could see what happened, and there can be a change

5.5. Vietnam War

5.5.1. When a government lies to it's nation about something that has happened, and word spreads around causing people to find out about it, the people will react negatively, and trust in the government will drop. This has occurred in our country during Vietnam When Nixon told the country that things in Vietnam were going well, and the Americans found out that it was the opposite. Since then, trust in the government went down from 80% to around 30%. In modern time, many television shows make the government the bad guys.

6. ***Economics*** How has economics impacted America and Americans

6.1. great depression

6.1.1. When the new deal was created to fix the economic problems, it costed a lot of money, and caused government debt to increase When people invest to much of their money into companies, the stock market might crash like how it did to start the great depression The major cause of the great depression was that people took out loans to buy stocks, and didn't pay it back, so we can't let people take out loans for stocks

6.2. Vietnam war (supporting the south)

6.2.1. When You are a main financial, and defense in a war, and you are working with a poor country and you begin to decline giving money, aid, and resources, they will have trouble defending themselves. This happened when the US was finally coming out of the war, after they had put so much effort in to protecting south Vietnam, and when the US left, Vietnam didn't have enough people, money or general support to do much of anything.

7. ***Foreign Relations*** How have foreign entanglements influence America?

7.1. World war 1

7.1.1. World War I When the US is involved in world affairs to a large extent, it is hard to stay neutral if a major conflict breaks out Forming allies can draw the country into broader conflict

7.2. World war 2

7.2.1. After world war 1, the world didn't learn it's lesson which led to similar causes of world war 2, but after that, things changed after the atomic went off, it didn't ease tensions between the USA and the soviets. We learned that sacrifice is as important as battle The more allies a country has, the better off they are

7.3. Communism

7.3.1. If we don't help out to stop communism, the country fails and the US loses economic trading partners

7.4. Cold war

7.4.1. stay involved and support our allies NATO was effective for stopping aggressive actors on the world stage. The whole point of NATO

7.5. Korean War

7.5.1. After China fell to communism partially due to the fact that America didn't support them enough, America learned that if they didn't want other countries to go communist like Korea might, then they'd need to be involved

7.6. Vietnam war

7.6.1. If you send a soldier to a completely different place with a different extreme climate that they are not used to, they will struggle to fight, and do their job correctly. This occurred when The US sent a lot of soldiers to Vietnam to fight the war, but none of them had been there and were used to the rainy jungle climate.