Self Regulation

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Self Regulation により Mind Map: Self Regulation

1. The two wolves

1.1. a battle that goes on inside people

1.2. The fight is between two wolves, one is evil. It is angry, envious jealous, sorrowful, regretful, greddy, arrogant, self-pitying, guilty, resnetful, inferios,dishonest, proud, superior, and egotistical

1.3. The other wolf is good, Joyful, peaceful, loving, hopeful, serense, humble, kind, benevolent, empathetic, generous, trusthful, compassionate, faithful

2. We all haev choice about how to react to situations either positive or negative way

2.1. Pratice positive more

2.2. Something better will come along

2.2.1. It will put the situation more into prespective

2.3. Making a proactive choice to feed your good wolf and to manage the way you think and act, involves self-regualation

3. Disruptive emotions and impluse in check and to think before acting

3.1. One of the five element of the emotional intelligece

3.1.1. Knowing your emotions

3.1.2. Managing your emotions

3.1.3. Self regulations

3.1.4. Motivating yourself

3.1.5. recognozing and understanding other people emotions

3.1.6. manahging relationships

3.2. People who self-regualte see the good in other peope and are able to identify opportnities in different situations

3.2.1. keep line of communication open

3.2.2. Make their motication and intension clear

3.2.3. act according with their values

3.2.4. keep it going when times are tough

3.2.5. calm when they are angry or upset, cheer themselves up when they're down

3.2.6. flexible and adapt to their styles

3.2.7. build awareness of your own emotions as well as of others feeligns and needs

3.2.8. Self regulation is important it meass you can manage how your react to situations and express yourself appropriately

4. Importance around self regulations

4.1. Managing your emotions and impluses we function at our best

4.2. act in accordnace with our social conscience rather than just doing waht we want to do

4.2.1. meaning we might help a team memebr with piece of work even when we're pushed for time ourselfs

5. Strategies

5.1. Leading with Integrity

5.1.1. They do the right thing for the right reason

5.1.2. They pratice what they preach

5.1.3. They creating trusitng environments

5.1.4. Identify your values

5.1.5. Admit your mistake and take responsiblity for actions and listen to you inner voice

5.2. Being open to change

5.3. Identifying your triggers

5.3.1. Self awareness

5.3.2. particularly when it comes to knowing waht your weakness are

5.3.3. negative impulse at work

5.4. Pratice self discipline

5.4.1. Not just always in the Mood

5.5. Reframe Negative thoughts

5.5.1. which wolf you are feeding

5.5.2. Whether they are responsible and stand up to fiar scrunity

5.5.3. rationally accessing the facts I can do this, i have done this - +ve thoughts

5.5.4. Shift in the perspective can transform your thinking and make you feel more optimnistic

5.6. Keeping Calm under pressyre

5.6.1. Try to remove yourself from equation either physically or mentally

5.6.2. Relaxation techniques Deep breathing

5.7. Beleiving in yourself

5.7.1. Remind of past time when you were successful

6. Tips

6.1. Stress Diary

7. Key Points

7.1. Build on the skills by leading with integrity, being open to change, practicing self-diciplne, and beliveving in yourself. Keep calm under pressure by identfying your triggers to stress and reframing negative thoughts and always concsider the consequence of yoru actions