The roaring 20's

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The roaring 20's により Mind Map: The roaring 20's

1. A decade of exciting change

1.1. New cultural couchstones

1.2. Increased personal freedom and dancing

1.3. Increase of wealth

1.3.1. Government helped business grow like gangbusters Didn't regulate much Laissez-faire capitalism

2. Politics

2.1. 1920

2.1.1. Republican party dominated politics

2.2. Federal government hewed to the policies

2.2.1. Favored by business lobbyists Including lower taxes on personal income An effort to weaken the power of unions

2.3. Presidents stocked the boards of federal reserves

2.3.1. Men who shared their pro business view Shifting the country away from economic regulation Progressives

2.4. Corrupted

2.4.1. Administration of Warren G.

3. Economy

3.1. Productivity rose dramatically largely

3.1.1. American corporations expand

3.2. Industries adopted Henry ford's assembly

3.2.1. Techniques

3.3. New industries grew

3.3.1. Aviation

3.3.2. Chemicals

3.3.3. Electronics

3.3.4. New products and jobs

3.4. Automobile companies grew

3.4.1. 1929 Half of American families had a car

3.5. Dollar replaced the pound

3.5.1. Most important currency for trade

3.6. New labor-saving devices

3.6.1. Vacuum cleaners

3.6.2. toasters

3.6.3. refrigerators

3.6.4. Save free-time

3.7. Debts

4. Social

4.1. Leisure

4.1.1. New instruments for leisure Radios Baseball and Boxing Entertainment Vacations Dance crazes Movies

4.2. Movies

4.2.1. Industry moved to Hollywood greatest in the world

4.3. Lost generation of writers in America

4.4. Migration of America

4.4.1. From South To North