IDP Students on Guns In America

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IDP Students on Guns In America により Mind Map: IDP Students on Guns In America

1. Summary of our Purpose

1.1. Make sure the following are covered in the poems we have...

1.2. Why are we talking about this now?

1.2.1. More mass shootings over the past 20 years than any other country by far (see this graphic:

1.2.2. Students are taking a stand after Stoneman Douglas shooting in 2018

1.3. Why is it urgent for us (IDP Students)?

1.3.1. tell story about walk out

1.3.2. It's in the media???

1.4. What are we trying to do?

1.4.1. Put a stop to gun violence with gun legislation.

1.4.2. Be specific about what you want people to do

1.4.3. Be specific about what type of legislation you want to see

1.4.4. By making this documentary we want to spread awareness of ???


1.5.1. NRA & Gun Rights Advocates Proposal to arm teachers NRA/Trump

1.5.2. March For Our Lives & Gun Control Advocates



1.6.2. General consensus: Arming teachers is a bad idea....

1.6.3. Metal detectors/security is the norm in our school

1.6.4. How our demographic is treated by law enforcement when it comes to guns and shootings?

1.6.5. Relationship between mass school shootings in burbs, and gun violence in NYC (schools and streets)


1.7.1. Here's what we know... 2nd Amendment Assault Weapons Ban Read this summary of proposals after Florida School Shooting Read this summary of current laws

1.7.2. Why are these laws not working?


1.8.1. Parents How do you feel about your child's teacher holding a gun at school? Do you feel as if your child is safe when coming to school? As you may know, teachers in states such as .....can carry guns in the classroom. How do you feel about teachers carrying guns?

1.8.2. All How do you feel about assault weapons? As you know, many citizens are protesting about gun violence. What impact do you think these protests will have on Congress passing legislation? In 2013, President Obama proposed having digital fingerprints on guns so that only law-abiding gun owners can use them? What is your opinion about this proposal, and why? One measure that has been proposed by lawmakers is "gun violence restraining orders" which would allow family members or law enforcement to petition a court to temporarily ban an at-risk person from buying firearms. What is your opinion about this proposal, and why? Do you think citizen protests will cause the US Government to pass legislation on gun control? OR Do you think the gov will pass gun control laws because of citizen protest? What do you think about stores such as Walmart selling guns to private citizens? Do you support the NRA's movement to protect our right to carry arms, or the March for our Lives movement to protect us from gun violence through regulations? What laws do you think need to be passed to help prevent more deaths from guns?

1.8.3. Law Enforcement/School Safety

1.8.4. Locations 59th St. Union Sq

1.8.5. Students

1.8.6. make sure to cover diverse group all genders old and young immigrants? foreigners? tourists?

1.8.7. Opening Identify yourself It's a school project town hall school website release form

1.8.8. Roles Camera Operator Sound Interviewer Question monitor and release form



2.1. Edit Visuals Over someone else's poem

2.1.1. Byron make Maury's music video

2.1.2. Edwin

2.2. Filming

2.2.1. Kareem, Darius and Kalen: When narration is finished, read it into the camera

2.2.2. Kareem, Darius, Kalen, Josh???

2.2.3. Record your poem or i believe statement

2.2.4. Record lines from Kenshal's Poem

2.3. Listen to the interviews and pick out quotes we need

2.3.1. Uzzal, Davidson, Alejandra

2.3.2. School teacher talks about the middle of the country being different from Cali and NY. Find that quote

2.3.3. How you feel may depend on where you come from

2.3.4. NRA's influencing what people think is possible

2.3.5. What laws should be in place

2.3.6. Schools and guns

2.3.7. What laws should be in place?

2.4. Poetry

2.4.1. Kalen

2.4.2. Esmerelda

2.4.3. Josh

2.4.4. ...find or generate the missing lines/new lines/rewritten lines from their existing poems and from the facts/statistics we’ll have in front of them. lay out what they want to see happen with gun laws, what do you want the people you reach to do? THINGS YOU"VE BEEN SAYING: no armed teachers more restrictions on who gets them use Parkland to generate more attention to ALL gun violence -- including urban communities... treat all gun violence the same all of the above because America, our generation is... hurting deserving better ... Josh, Kenshal, Esmerelda... Others with golden lines STEP UP!

2.5. 5th PERIOD: MUSIC and TONE (Eddit, Emerson, Christian)

2.5.1. Work on music video element for Crystal's song(s)

2.5.2. Pumped up Kicks -- Juxtapose youth innocence with reality of shooting

2.5.3. Heavy instrumentals

2.5.4. Crystal's music -- emotional


3.1. INTRODUCTION: What's happening, who you are and why you're making this movie

3.1.1. OPENING: The State of 2018 by IDP Kenshal Statistics Alejandra's emotion Crystal's song Kenshal's refrain "Nothing can be done" + Crystal's song = ???

3.1.2. PUMPED UP KICKS: The age of school shootings -- This is a historic opportunity for students to effect laws to do something about this problem We can fill in the PUMPED UP KICKS video with new narration. Should any of the I believe statements stay in this? Guns and Schools School Shooting Stats Stats on US school gun violence compared to the rest of the world NEED NARRATION: What have school shootings this year led you to think about guns in your life, in your community? Immigrants looking for hope and finding violence? people of color treated differently? What do you want done legally that would help all of the above? NEED NARRATION: This moment in history means different things to different people in America (depends on your identiy Some see new laws as a threat to their right to bear arms for protection People of color see the portrayal of mass shooters as... Use Esmerelda's poem as narration? Some want to arm teachers The country is wondering why so many are dying from gun violence (Esmerelda) Families broken apart Blood and tears the death of their loved ones They are tired of attending funerals Was it because of anxiety? Depression? Suicide? Or was it because of a lonely mind that decided to shoot up our brothers and sisters? There’s hurt and there’s anger Mom’s are crying and Fathers feel impotent. (Alejandra) We are in a era where guns are toys Y muchas personas inocente están sufriendo There's padres , madres , hermanos y Hermanas , that have tears in their face A lot of people are going to sad funerals And those families [familias] are feeling alone And they pray to el Dios they believe Asking him bring mis angelitos back .

3.1.3. DEFINE YOUR PERSPECTIVE IDP students represent... International roots. Allassance's poem. How do you describe yourself when someone asks who you are? Who you represent? Our Government class with Ms. Cherry looked at the issue of guns in America, and how we can play a role in the laws that might improve the situation... This video will share... See Kenshal's "NOTHING CAN BE DONE" Poem

3.1.4. FRAMING IDEA: Gun violence means something different to IDP kids than Parkland kids... NEED NARRATION: Break down the different demographics in the room The immigrant perspective (Uzzal) People from countries come here to find something better and they are faced with this. The US has the worst record on this (use statistic?) Uzzal's reflection on his interview with the Bengali guy = they are invested in this issue, and they are surprised by the level here. People from Holland saying they fixed this The streets vs. the burbs perspective (Josh, Maury, Byron) Gun violence in cities is different b/c... The attention created after the Parkland Shooting and March for our Lives made us wonder... Some feel that we need guns for protection because of stats and the way it is in the streets (Maury's video about protecting families) Maury's gun sales advertisement (people are going to make money off of this) Average americans don't think much will happen Teacher interview says he's skeptical Ladies sitting down: skeptical... Kenshal's poem


3.2.1. Nelissa's Poem can Set this up

3.2.2. What laws exist, but are broken

3.3. CONCLUSION: What do you want? Looking at how laws effect the issues most important to us... and what we want done to confront this issue

3.3.1. Treat all gun violence the same regardless who is behind the gun? Kalen's poem

3.3.2. No guns in teachers' hands

3.3.3. Make it harder to buy a gun

3.4. RECAP: What do we want to happen???

3.4.1. More from Kenshal's poem

3.4.2. Maybe save or remix favorite lines of poetry that create what we want to see done and we record them over Crystal's guitar

4. What we've collected to work with

4.1. Pumped Up Kicks Intro

4.1.1. Make sure to keep the lyrics in

4.1.2. Set up the issue through images

4.1.3. Add narration

4.2. Park Interviews

4.2.1. Former teacher

4.2.2. Family from Holland

4.2.3. Bengali Immigrant

4.2.4. Anti-gun family

4.2.5. Guy on a bike that sees both sides

4.2.6. Password: idp

4.2.7. Not much hope for the laws changing or the issue improving

4.2.8. Internationals think we have way too many guns and that the issue is simple

4.3. Shots of IDP to Establish IDP (Setting & Students)

4.4. Poetry representing your/others perspective

4.4.1. I'm reading, I'm watching, I'm hiding, I'm scared... (student shooting perspective)

4.4.2. I'm tired of being alone... (shooter perspective) shots needed: faces of kids looking back at the camera notebook scene (Crystal takes journal)

4.4.3. Maury's Gun Sales Advertisement

4.4.4. Allessandra: An era when guns are like toys...

4.4.5. Race and Guns - "oh, I'm white..."

4.4.6. Nelissa

4.4.7. I believe statements

4.4.8. Maury

4.4.9. Esmerelda

4.5. Other Media we've collected to mix with our poems and narration

4.5.1. Washington Post Mass Shooting Graphic

4.5.2. Vice Video on Arming Teachers

4.5.3. This is America

4.5.4. Truthworker I'm Hurt Freewrite "This is a Gun" reflection bullying impacts feelings hurt/anger freewrite Stop the gun violence tears protection Your poems are in Google Classroom

5. Group Work 5/23

5.1. Interviews and Park Broll

5.1.1. Individuals take an interview and cut out what we don't need.

5.1.2. Add B-Roll from the park

5.1.3. Add Images from the Shared Folder

5.2. Pumped up Kicks Introducing who we are

5.2.1. Add B roll video and images should we use to introduce ourselves?

5.3. Childish Gambino clip

5.3.1. Add narration and leave only the clips we need

5.4. Maury and Josh clip

5.4.1. what images go with that?

5.4.2. add narration and images from Google Doc

5.5. Nelissa Poem

5.6. Esmerelda poem

5.7. Narration Recording for each Google Doc