Government Mitigation on Climate Change

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Government Mitigation on Climate Change により Mind Map: Government Mitigation on Climate Change

1. Seal Buildings

2. Green Infrastructure

2.1. Wind, Solar, biomass and hydropower made up 86% of the energy infrastructure built.

2.2. A biogas plant in Germany uses Corn Silage, Manure from the pigs and the cattle a small amount of rye and water.

3. Water and Energy Conservation

4. Smart Growth

5. Energy Conservation

6. Renewable Energy

6.1. Last year 90% of Europe's new energy sources were renewable.

6.2. Wind farms accounted for more than half

6.3. Costa Rica ran on renewable energy for a total of 150 days.

7. Sustainable transportation, improved fuel efficiency

7.1. Some transportation agencies use electric bus lines or hybrid buses.

7.2. More electric cars are being made which do not emit any harmful gases.

7.3. Some transportation methods use biofuels over large distances.

8. Capture and use of landfill and digester gas

9. Carbon Sinks