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1. Chemical Reaction

1.1. occurs when bonds are broken and formed

1.2. atoms keep same identity although this might gain, loose, share electrons

2. Types of Radiation

2.1. Alpha Particle

2.1.1. high energy particle that contains 2 protons and 2 neutrons

2.2. Beta Paticle

2.2.1. a high electron

2.2.2. is converted to a proton and an electron

2.3. Positron

2.3.1. called "anti-particle" of a beta particle since their changes are different but their masses are the same

2.4. Gamma Rays

2.4.1. high energy radiation released from a radioactive nucleus

3. Nuclear Radiation

3.1. energy particles or rays that are given off from a radioactive element

4. Nuclear Reaction

4.1. occurs when nuclei combine, split and emits radiation

5. Radioactive Decay

5.1. the process by which on unstable radioactive nucleus emits radiation forming a nucleus of new composition

5.1.1. Isotopes are atoms of the same elements having a different number of neutron

5.1.2. Radioactive Isotope also called as "radio isotope" uneven larger number of radio isotope call "artificial isotope" have been produced in the laboratory

6. Alpha Decay/Emission

6.1. decay of a nucleus by emitting an alpha particle

7. Beta Decay/Emission

7.1. decay of a nucleus by emitting beta particle

8. Positron Emission

8.1. decay of nucleus by emitting a positron or beta particle

9. Gamma Emission

9.1. the decay of a nucleus by emitting gamma radiation

10. Half-life

10.1. the half-life of radioactive isotope is the time it takes for one half of the sample to decay

11. Archeological Dating

11.1. use the half-life of Carbon-14 to determine the age of carbon containing materials derived from plants or animals

12. Unit in Measuring the Radioactivity in a Sample

12.1. Curie

12.1.1. Milicurie Microcurie

12.2. Becquerel

13. PET Scan

13.1. use radioisotopes that emit positron when the nucleus decays. Once formed a positron combines with electron to form 2 gamma rays which create a scan of an organ

14. Nuclear Fission

14.1. splitting part of a heavy nucleus into lighter nuclei and neutrons

14.2. process that occurs in nuclear power plant

15. Nuclear Fusion

15.1. joining together of two light nuclei to form a larger nucleus

15.2. nuclear reaction that takes place in the sun