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chapter 3 da Mind Map: chapter 3

1. kerning is adjustment of space between certain pair of latter

2. tracking is adjustment for group of letter

3. serif is decoration the end of letter stroke

4. san serif

4.1. do not have decoration

4.2. head lines and bold

5. text

5.1. Text is obviously the simplest of data types and requires the least amount of storage.

5.2. Text in the form of symbols, words, sentences, and paragraphs.

5.3. Text is a vital element of multimedia menus, navigation systems, and content.

6. bitmaps

6.1. pixels present at the images

6.2. more size added

6.3. need lot of memory

7. vectors

7.1. use to instructions and mathematic

7.2. smaller size than bitmaps

8. Font rasterization is the process of converting text from a vector description to a raster or bitmap description

9. Fontographer

9.1. Fontographer is a specialized graphics editor

9.2. It is compatible with both Macintosh and Windows platforms

10. Hypertext

10.1. Hypertext is a text which contains links to other texts

10.2. Hypertext is the subset of hypermedia

11. Hypermedia

11.1. Hypermedia is not constrained to be text-based

11.2. It can include other media, e.g., graphics, images, and especially the continuous media – sound and video.